Pros and Cons of Winter Weddings

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If you think that a blanket of snow is the most romantic setting, then planning your wedding in the off-season can be a great idea. Although winter weddings are not a popular choice, they also have many advantages and can save you a lot of money. Besides the benefits, there are also a few disadvantages to planning such an event. These pros and cons of winter weddings will help you decide:

Vendor availability

Couples who choose winter weddings will have an easier time finding available vendors. Spring or summer brides have to choose their vendors well in advance, sometimes even years so they don’t end up with the most expensive and least appealing options. However, since most couples prefer to plan their wedding in the warmer weather, picking a winter date will ensure that you get the best venue and caterer.

You might not get the flowers you want

Although a florist can provide almost any type of flower all year round, you will probably have to pay more to have them delivered from warmer regions. Because of the low temperatures and snow, your desired wedding flowers may not be available withing a 300 mile radius. If you were planning on decorating with typical summer flowers, the price can get quite high.

Pretty much everything is cheaper

Winter weddings are viewed as off season, which leaves room for negotiation with different vendors when it comes to pricing. If you are the only couple who are interested in a vendor’s business, you may persuade him to lower the price. This also applies for a photographer and caterer who would rather book a client for less than not work at all.

The threat of unpredictable weather

Although a light snowfall can be in your favor and make the photos look amazing, a winter storm may prevent your friends and family member from getting to the venues. This can result in less guests attending and tons of money spent on drinks and food that will go to waste. In these situations, a wedding insurance policy can provide coverage for any unforeseeable event.

A warm outfit

Although winter weddings are hosted inside where the guests don’t have to worry about the cold, if you are going to be outside for photographs and transportation a jacket will be necessary. This means that you will have an extra worry about what type of coat will look best over the dress. However, wearing a romantic velvet cloak or an elegant fake fur wrap can be stylish and original.

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