Portable Houses With a Modern Design

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If you are a creative and modern person, and you want this to be reflected on your house, then you should know that the era in which we live provides the perfect resources for that. Nowadays, there are plenty of companies that will be willing to take your project to a whole new level, not only in terms of architecture or materials used, but also in terms of architecture and design. You can hire a professional contractor for replacement windows, or even to build your house from scratch. Actually, even the concept of “house” has changed its meaning in the past years. Micheal Hughs is one of those who aims to reinvent entirely the concept of trailers. He transforms old structures in something appealing, livable and with a modern design. Typical trailers have many benefits, including the fact that they already exist and designers can save on materials. Architecture professor Michel Hughs designed the ingenious Trailerwrap project because he believes that these small-scale homes can serve as an affordable solution for high-density neighborhoods. But first, the typical trailer, poorly designed, fundamentally flawed and with spacial issued must be transformed into a budget-friendly residence. He reinvented completely a defunct 1906’s trailer donated to the program, keeping only the original steel chassis.

Hangar Design Group is another visionary who designed box style portable housing units with a simple, modern design. The structures are classy, spacious and have elegant contrasts in terms of materiality and colors. The Camo Cabin is a contemporary hybrid made from steel, zinc and titanium with two purposes: to make the structure look more solid and modern and to camouflage it in a rocky-mountain environment. On the inside, the cabin has a modern design with natural wooden floors, synthetic stone-toned tiles and minimalist fixtures that resemble the nomadic sweat lodges and saunas.

The Airstream travel trailer has an aluminum body famous for its lightweight construction and its streamlined modern design. The structure can be used for full-time living or just for casual travel and overnight stops. The interior is luxurious and practical at the same time. Airstream has ingenious storage solutions and space saving features that allow its owner to travel in style, while focusing on the romance of the scenery. Moreover, it is fitted with its own water filtering system ensuring you have access to clean water even when your source is not that reliable. This doesn’t mean you should expect it to be like one a professional reverse osmosis water filter system that you use for the home, but it should still provide you with enough comfort and safety temporarily, while you are camping.

The folding Romtow Caravan concept with a panoramic view is a portable house with a ridiculously modern design from the W2 firm in New Zealand. The caravan is more classy than most apartments and has an incredible ability: it folds outwards and increase its overall size by 70 percent, forming a deck. The deck can be covered with waterproof material if needed. Inside, the ultra-modern bedroom has wraparound windows that offer an incredible panoramic view.

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