Plastic surgery trends in 2017. Love them or hate them, they’re due to happen!

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Breast enlargement, glute injections, gender exchange interventions, we surely are living in a plastic surgery era! And couldn’t be happier about it! Only dream it, and a skillful surgeon will accomplish it for you. To these hype plastic surgeries, add reconstructive interventions, and the segment increases exponentially! We can be beautiful, we can defy the ruthless time passing over our bodies, and we pray for surgeons to develop new interventions that will help us continue doing so. On a more serious note, plastic surgeries are an answer for many struggles. Accident victims, former cancer patients, and those suffering from congenital deformities, they can all aspire to a normal life, a life in which they are valued for who they are and not based on the marks on their bodies. Whether we like it or not, our society still hasn’t learnt to accept and look normal to these different from the norm. Thus, blending in is sometimes better than standing out. Luckily, skilled practitioners can help you in your inquiries of becoming a better self. A plastic surgeon in Toronto might be the best solution for many, whether we are discussing reconstructive interventions or fitting into the beauty norm, and feeling better about ourselves. But let’s find out more about which interventions seem to take by storm the year of 2017.

Say hello to those sweet dimples!

In the selfie era, we all want to look cute, adorable, and if these traits are not characteristic to us, we make everything possible to sweeten and soften our traits a little. Because of this reason, in 2017 specialists anticipate a comeback of those sweet dimples. Because dimples accentuate a smile, both males and females already consider investing in these little strange features, only a small percentage of humans naturally have, being a deformity occurred in the face muscle’s morphology. However, a scar less procedure will help many get what they need. The intervention is named dimplectomy, and it involves creating a small incision inside the cheek. It only lasts a couple of minutes, and the patient is free to mind their business after leaving the surgeon’s office.

The wrinkle-free year

While 2016 was Kylie Jenner’s year and everybody wanted those plump cheeks and full lips, the next generation fillers will create the trend of smoother faces. Juvederm Volbella and the new Restylane are the fillers guilty for this trend and they have the capacity of filling in even the finest wrinkles. Unlike the 2016’s fillers, these newcomers concentrate more on smoothing the patient’s faces, not plumping them. So if you were dreaming to get the Kylie look this year, forget about it! It’s so 2016! Instead, give your face a nice treatment and prevent the signs of time to show on your visage.

Enhanced derrieres were, are and will remain the norm

Since 2011, the number of butt enlargement surgeries increased by 218%. No, this is not a joke. Blame the Kardashians, or don’t. Since the trend emerged from the voluptuous Brazilian women, and the rest of the world admired them for their curves, it is safe to say that celebrities only lit a small match in an already burning trend. Well, fear not, because new interventions are due to emerge on the plastic surgery segment, now safer than ever. Of course, whatever intervention you might be choosing to potentate your natural beauty, make sure you do a good research beforehand.

A healthy skin is the new norm

Not exactly a surgical intervention, but finding the appropriate skincare products for one’s particular type of skin in something truly amazing in a continuously growing industry. This is the reason why many reliable and experienced surgeons launch their own lines of such skincare products. Highly relevant to maintain those freshly filled lines of yours, make sure you make an appointment with a similar professional and let them recommend the best products for your issues. Luckily, products are plenty. Whether we are speaking of skincare products, anti-ageing or hyperpigmentation treatments, these specialists have them all in their portfolios and they are more than willing and advised to recommend them. And although they don’t exactly fall in the plastic surgeries category, they could bring great improvements. Give those a shot, first of all!

So, should you or should you not get a plastic surgery?

Truth is, no trend or celebrity can tell you what should you do to your own body. If you feel insecure regarding a body part of yours, if you are willing to take this step for improving it, we strongly encourage you doing so. However, make sure you select the surgeon well. While there are plenty of trusty, reliable, truly professional surgeons, you might stumble upon some frauds as well. Search and select carefully.