Overview Of Aviation Employment

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The airline and aviation industry has had its ups and downs. Between 1996 and 2001 the industry had one of its most successful periods. However in 2001 things started to change. The main reason for this was the impact of the 11 September attacks. This completely restructured the aviation employment system. Furthermore the rising oil prices as well as the start of the economy crisis have also contributed to the changes that redefined the industry. There have been some bankruptcies, a lot of mergers and the management has completely changed. The technology evolution made a lot of jobs redundant therefore a lot of cuts had to be made. However, despite the industry’s decline it still remains a pool of appealing career opportunities that offers decent salaries as well as multiple benefits.

In 2001 almost 2 million new positions were filled in the aerospace and aviation industry. Most of the hiring were made in the airline department. However in 2008 there were only 492,600 jobs available in the airline industry. This is a significant decrease and it shows that the changes that the industry has enforced have deeply impacted the aviation employment. However these statistics don’t stop people from searching for jobs in this industry. Due to the fact that the jobs in the aviation industry are not your typical Monday to Friday, 9 to 17 jobs there are a lot of possibilities of finding either a full time job or a part time one. Furthermore the salaries are quite attractive with airline pilots making about $100 000 and commercial pilots making about $65 340. The next ones on the wages hierarchical system are the aircraft mechanics followed by supervisors and managers, transportation workers, cargo attendants, flight attendants and travel agents and clerks. However, with all the benefits and advantages, working in aviation can also have a lot of risks, so employees are always encouraged to look for life insurance quotes even outside of the employer’s insurance. Unfortunately, life insurance quotes for those who have risky jobs will always be higher, but so will the benefits; besides it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Airline companies usually organize their recruiting processes through specialized agencies that are solely dedicated to this department of employment. These agencies help organize the staffing needs of airline companies as well as the labor demand of airline professionals. Due to the fact that this industry is so demanding and is currently struggling with financial difficulties it has become increasingly harder to get a job in this industry. Furthermore even if you manage to get an interview the impression you make there is crucial. Usually if you fail to get a job at a certain company you will not get another chance as airlines keep records of the people they interview. Furthermore efficient employes are working for longer periods of time and over qualified people are applying for jobs way beneath their qualities. That is why it is important to be fully prepared when you are dealing with aviation employment opportunities.

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