Myths and Truths about Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss

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People, and especially women, have been particularly interested in losing weight and looking a certain way for centuries now. Whereas in the past being a bit overweight was the sign of a healthy body and plump shapes on women were loved by men, nowadays the tendencies seem to go towards skinnier and leaner bodies. Any doctor and nutritionist will tell you that drastic diets are not recommended because they mess with normal functions of the body, such as your digestive system. However, people still keep diets and they always will, because it is an easier method than exercising.

Moreover, people who are obese aren’t advised to start with exercising because their bodies can barely support their weights, let alone put them to physical effort. Yet what we are here to talk about is the apple cider vinegar weight loss diet, and find out some myths and truths about it. We know that vinegar has a lot of beneficial properties for the human body, and it has been used to that effect for a very long time. Recent studies have shown that vinegar may be connected with regulating blood sugar levels and that it may even act as an appetite suppressor. Because it has an impact on insulin secretion, vinegar is thought to encourage weight loss.

One study showed that vinegar can actually suppress appetite; a group of people were fed bread imbibed with vinegar, whereas another group was given plain bread. Surprisingly, those who had consumed vinegar had a lower appetite and ate less on their next meal. This leads us to believe that apple cider vinegar weight loss is indeed possible, but it is also true that the way you use it to lose weight is very important. As a result, some nutritionists advise their clients to consume vinegar at least once a day, either dissolved in a glass of water, or as dressing for salads. However, it is also recommended that you brush your teeth after consuming it, as it can attack enamel.

A myth about apple cider vinegar weight loss is that consuming it all by itself without making any other changes in your lifestyle has positive effects. To begin with, you are not supposed to drink it simply and directly, and in large quantities because it can affect your gastrointestinal tract. It is an acidic product, so it messes up the digestive system. The way some recommend it is by sipping one spoon of vinegar with a glass of water or, like mentioned before, introducing it in your meals. Furthermore, when wishing to lose weight one has to change their habits almost entirely. If you need to cut back on your food, then don’t give up on certain food categories, as this just stresses the body; it is much better to eat the same but reduce your portions. While you may suffer from hunger a bit, the feeling will soon disappear, especially if you follow the apple cider vinegar weight loss diet.

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