Moving in together without destroying your relationship

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Finally, you have decided to make the big step for your relationship of moving in together and you are over thrilled about the fact that you are going to live with your loved one and you are going to share every day and night together in your own comfort. However, you have been living alone until now, having your own daily routine and habits with no one to tell you that you should or should not do that, so, you might be scared about the fact that things can go in a wrong way and your relationship might be ruined. Take a deep breath and read below how to make sure your relationship will survive to such a big change that will make your daily routines come together.

Be sure about it

Moving in together is a big step for a couple, it means sharing almost everything with your partner daily. So, before you do it, make sure that you are 100% sure about your decision and feelings for your partner because it can really go wrong if you are not ready for it. Do not let yourself caught up in the heat of the moment and say “yes” when your partner asks you to move in together if you still have doubts. There is no pressure, surely your partner understands that you need to take your time and give an answer when you are sure about it.

Discuss money

It is not exactly the first thing that you think that you should consider when you decide to move in together, but it is a very crucial one in order to avoid any future arguments for money problems. Sit down like the two grownups that you are and discuss a budget for what moving in together means and for the expenses that are going to come in the next period. Consider the fact that it will be a big investment and you will have to pay a lot of money in the beginning, starting with rent to small things like bathroom wall panels.  Make sure that you decide a fair budget, not necessarily 50/50, but it should be fair for both of you. Money should not be a reason for you to fight, but remember that is going to be a stressful period and you are going to get angry easily for every small detail that in normal days you would not even consider.

Decide together

Remember that from now on you are not the only one that should agree with something. Right now, your partner will also feel the effects of your decisions and that is why you should take decisions together.  It is a normal thing to do, to ask for his or her opinion and will make you avoid any fight that will start to slowly damage your relationship. However, if you can not find a middle way for deciding on something, you should both be prepared to compromise sometimes because there is nothing more important than your relationship.

Having fights does not mean it is over

Every couple has fight and arguments from time to time, no need to make a big drama about it and take your stuff and leave. Just sit down and discuss openly what the problem seems to be. Find solutions that are suitable for both of you and everything should be fine. Remember that every problem has a solution, you just need to find it together.


Respect privacy

No matter how intensively you love each other and how much time you want to spend together, both of you need their own privacy and both of you should understand and respect that. You will surely have a common bedroom that you are going to share every night, but remember to have an extra room as well for the times when one of you just wants to spend some time alone without having to explain everything to his or her partner. As well, do not forget about lockers for bathrooms and shower wall panels to assure the privacy needed.


Don’t forget about romance

Feeling comfortable with your loved one is really important, especially when you are living together. But, in time, living in together might make the routine appear in your relationship. So, make sure that you keep the flame alive and remain a couple and that you won’t fall in a roommate-like relationship. Go out for dates, go out with friends, do many new things together other than cleaning the house and the dishes, cook together and prepare a date just for you two in your own comfort zone and surprise him or her with small meaningful things every day. 

Don’t go to bed angry

You need to be aware that arguments will surely be part of your relationship as well. But this does not mean that it is the end of the world, you fight and then you fix it. However, keep in mind that going to bed before you discuss about it and fix the problems between you two is really unhealthy for your relationship. Instead of trying to run away from each other and hide in the kitchen or bathroom, act like grownups and have a mature talk so that the fight won’t continue in the morning as well.    

Be tolerant

When you move in together with your partner and live next to him or her day by day, you get the chance to see more habits that you had no idea about before. Some of them might be annoying for you, but remember that this is his or her lifestyle for years now and it will be really difficult to change everything out of the sudden. Moreover, you probably have some customs that your partner does not feel really comfortable with and would like you to change them. So, try to discuss and understand each other’s habits and if it is not possible to change them, accept them and learn how to cope with it.


Everything is going to be just fine.  So, just stop worrying about how things between you two will go since you start sharing a house and enjoy your time with your loved one.