Most Helpful Garage Door Opener Buyer’s Guide

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A garage door opener makes your house more secure, ensures safety while operating it and provides the comfort you are looking for every time you arrive or leave home. All these benefits can be possible, only if you choose one of the best garage door openers. This is why we have created this helpful garage door opener buyer’s guide.

The type of system to choose

There are three types of garage door openers and one of them is sure to match your garage. The first one is a chain-drive model that uses a metal chain to lift and lower the door and it’s the most common considering the low price. The second is the belt-drive system that ensures a smooth glide using a powerful belt that can lift the heaviest doors. The last one is the screw-drive that moves a lifting mechanism along a threaded steel rod. Once you take a look at every type, you will be able to determine the right one for you.

Enough horsepower

The power of the engine that operates the door determines how easily the door will be lowered and lifted, make sure you opt for enough power that will handle your garage door. The higher the horsepower, the better it can lift heavy garage doors and the longer it will last, so take care of this aspect when you buy a garage door opener.

Silent operating

The noise level of the garage door opener is extremely important, especially if your garage is near a room of the house. The most silent type is the belt-drive, followed by the screw-drive and the chain-drive, which is the noisiest and less appropriate for garages near rooms.

Safety sensors

Operating the garage door opener in complete safety is as important as operating it comfortably, and for this you will need to look for safety sensors and laser beams that stop the door from moving in case someone or something goes under the door. This is an excellent feature if you have children or pets that might walk around the garage door while you are trying to open or close it.

Battery backup

The convenience of the garage door opener is over once the power goes off because you will no longer be able to operate it electrically and you will have to do it manually. You can solve this problem by looking for a model with a battery backup that powers the unit when there is no electricity so you can keep enjoying the comfort of having a garage door opener.

Security technologies

How secure your garage becomes once you install a garage door opener is based on some security features that you should opt for. A lock mode will ensure the door is completely locked once you leave home even if you forgot to close it while a rolling code will generate a new code after you open the door so no one will be able to memorize the old code and get inside your garage.