Men’s Fashion Tips for 2013

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The myth that a real man shouldn’t spend too much time in front of the mirror has been shattered a long time ago, and today men’s fashion is increasingly popular among the male population. While men are not yet interested in hair color ideas and beauty tips, their fashion interests are increasing each year. The 21st century especially has been seeing a lot of breakthroughs in fashion and, similarly to the 1990s, there is a regression towards androgyny and a mixture of genders in style. In what follows we are going to give the conscious man some of the most important mens fashion tips for 2013. They will help you keep up with the trends and refresh your wardrobe.

Fortunately, those who truly like to be in style won’t have to get rid of all their items from seasons past, but there are a few key elements you need to invest in. One of the first mens fashion tips that we want to share with you is that printed bomber jackets are going to be quite popular, especially when combined with denim shirts, trousers and leather shoes. This is a great look for the casual man who still likes to look stylish on any occasion; the outfit can be worn on the street, at outdoor parties, or at a casual event. Mens fashion trends have always featured the denim shirt, but it is one of those timeless items that you take out of the closet from time to time.

Next on our list of mens fashion tips is the floral print, an important motif made for the daring man who can still feel empowered, though fashionable. The floral print will be especially popular for short sleeve shirts, but for jackets, long sleeve shirts and scarves as well. The style is inspired from 1940s and 50s fashion, and it combines very well with theĀ short stylish mens haircuts that remind of that same era. The modern James Dean is about to be reborn with the new fashion for 2013, and more vintage-inspired elements are going to seep through modern wear.

As for men who like to be and feel more masculine in the classical sense, they can rejoice in the fact that one of mens fashion tips for this year brings back in full force the biker jacket. Now, biker jackets hug the shape of the body, and they’re made from leather in different colors. Very popular are nuances of grey, black, maroon, and even snake or crocodile imitations for those who like to be very stylish. In casual wear, there is also a tendency for nautical elements, especially where sweaters are concerned. All in all, men are expected to be classy in a casual manner this season, where shirts and trousers are quite popular, and where wearing suits daily is a regressing trend.

Perhaps men will never be interested in hair color ideas of beauty treatments. However, we welcome their interest in fashion as it empowers them to explore all sides of their personalities. Furthermore, the increasing interest in fashion that most men have shown recently also encouraged the designers to put more effort into men’s fashion. For example, the short stylish mens haircuts are a lot more versatile nowadays than they used to be. We hope that all men will find these fashion tips interesting and that it will encourage them to add some diversity in their wardrobes.

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