Masculine Flowers for Men’s Celebrations

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Contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly socially acceptable to offer men flowers on special occasions such as birthdays, name days, holidays, special celebrations and events, graduations and so on. Even when they’re in the hospital, men can receive flowers too, because they lift the spirits and bring a bit of nature into our lives. Today we are going to try and determine what are the most masculine flowers, or how flowers can be arranged into a tasteful bouquet for men. Although it is proper to offer men flowers, one can still make mistakes and offer something which isn’t quite appropriate.

One of the best ways to make sure you are sending masculine flowers is by opting for a special arrangement, but with elements which are rather masculine, or strong. For example, you can choose an arrangement with bamboo leaves, or which rests in a bamboo holder. The Birds of Paradise flowers are great choices for a bouquet meant for men, and you will see that generally, flowers and plants which look unusual are used for men’s bouquets. This is perhaps because in arranging flowers for them, florists wanted to depart as much as possible from the image of the classical bouquet, which is associated with women and their tastes.

But flowers by far aren’t feminine or gender related, they are something all of us can admire; thus, masculine flowers can also be exotic flowers, like Orchids, Lilies, and so on. In choosing flower arrangements for men when you don’t have too many options, just choose those with bold colors, or opt for an arrangement where green prevails. Similarly, just offering a plant instead of a bouquet can have the same results. On the sad occasion that you have to send flowers for a man’s funeral, opt for some of the same flowers we’ve mentioned here, except the arrangement has to come in a classical format. Roses or yellow flowers are also very appropriate, as well as other flowers and plants which are woodsier and rough-looking.

When you choose masculine flowers, you can also trust your florist, who probably has experience and knows what men generally prefer. Autumn and field flowers are also unusual-looking, so they can successfully be part of a masculine arrangement. You can even use spices and herbs such as lentils, acorns, cacti leaves, twig arrangements, and we’ve even seem lovely bouquets with artichokes in there! These tips should be enough to teach you how to create your own bouquets for men, using the materials at hand and your own inspiration.

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