Make your house look more expensive with these ideas

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It can be quite difficult to make your house look like a high-end property. We would all love to live in a million-dollar house, but the fact is that we cannot afford this luxury. But have you wondered why would you like to live in this type of house? Maybe because they have oversized windows? Because they feature high ceilings? There are thousands of reasons why you would love to own this type of house. But because you are not Kim Kardashian you will have to find a way to make your house look more expensive. You can inspire from celebrities houses, and transform your house into a luxury crib. You can inspire from the secrets interior designers have shared. If you follow their guidelines, you will notice that it is quite simple to create a luxurious space. From painting the walls of the house in a different colour, to changing the pillows, all these are solutions that will help you do a makeover to your house.

Create a connection between outdoor and indoor spaces

Celebrities do not use plastic flowers to decorate their houses because they look cheap. Every single flower and plant from their house is natural, so you should start from here. You should bring inside flowers from your garden. Fresh flowers make a room look luxurious, so you should place bouquets in every room. Put a vase with flowers even in the bathroom, it will help you create a relaxing atmosphere when you soak in the bathtub.

Another solution would be to install large windows to connect the outdoor with the indoor during the hot season. All you have to do is to open them wide and allow the fresh air to come it.

Focus on details

Luxurious houses feature rich details. If you want to achieve the image of a country house for your home, then you should pay attention to crown moulding. The houses with crown moulding look elegant. People do not use it, because they have the misconception that it is an expensive addition, but if you will check the market, you will see that it is quite affordable. For a beautiful effect, you should choose different widths. Use a different type of moulding in every room. Choose from high, crown, ceiling beams, baseboards, ceiling medallions and even columns.

Declutter, minimalism is luxurious

If you do not like the idea of having your house rich in details, then you can choose the minimalist style. It is luxurious and modern, and there are people who prefer it, instead of the glamorous one celebrities like Mariah Carey prefer. But for achieving a luxurious minimalist house you will have to keep the house clean and organised. In this case, less is really more. You should start decluttering your house, and throw away all the things you love to collect. Take away from your house all the artefacts, artwork, rugs, family heirlooms and antiques.

The minimalist design requires the usage of a few pieces. This means that you will save money. You do not need a chandelier in the living room, you can create a beautiful and cosy space if you buy a table, a couple of chairs and you create a bar area, where to drink cocktails with your friends.

Treat your windows

If there is a thing that makes a house look cheap, that is the lack of window treatments. They are affordable additions, people prefer to ignore, because they do not know what to choose. When it comes to window treatments you have to make sure that you choose them smart. You should never install in your house see-through window treatments, because they look cheap, even if you may find them at an expensive price. Choose drapes that look elegant and expensive, made from cotton, linen or natural silk. Stay away from the models fabricated from man-made fabrics like polyester.

In case you do not like drapes, then there are alternative options. You can try some wood or bamboo shades. The windows treats make a space look elegant and fashionably designed.

Look outdoors

The first impression is important, so you have to make sure that your house looks expensive both inside and outside. You can start with the front garden, if you do not have time to care for flowers, you should plant turf. It is advisable to choose natural turf, and to create a pathway from gravel that leads right to your front door. If you have both a front and a back yard, then you should also pay attention to the backyard space. Inground pools are the best addition you can bring to your house. They increase the price of the property and offer your priceless moments.

Look down

When you enter your house, what do you see? The floor is right there, and if you do not care about it properly, it will make your house look cheap, even if you buy expensive furniture and decorations. And no, a carpet will not hide it. Rugs are a great addition when they are used to cover a small portion of the floor, because they help you complete the look of a room. But you cannot cover the entire floor with a carpet. Use hardwood floor to create a unique look for every one of the rooms. Wood floors scream expensive and you should make sure that everyone sees them when they step indoors. You can embellish the floors with area rugs.

Pay attention to lighting

The difference between a luxurious room and a cheap one is made by lighting. If you have standard lighting fixtures you should take them off, because everyone has them. Opt for lighting fixtures made by designers, because they will make your house look more expensive and beautiful. Everyone knows that designer lighting fixtures are expensive, so if you are on a low budget, you will have to wait the discount period. Also, you can buy a lighting system from a second hand store, or from a flea market, because they are gold mines when it comes to house decorating.