List of Sports That are Popular Across the World

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Sports have always been important to people across the world and most people have had at least one contact with a certain sport. The great thing about sports is that they combine unity and competition. When it comes to world wide popular sports people are drawn together by a common passion but they are also divided by their preferences regarding the players. Although there are numerous sports that are played across the world, some of them have gained so much popularity that they became world wide phenomenons such as the UEFA champions League or NBA. Although the national Basketball Association is a professional basketball league in North America, you can find NBA merchandise and stores all across Europe as well due to the massive popularity of this sport. The same applies for football and volleyball in America.

1. Football and Soccer
When trying to compose a list of sports that are known across the world, football is definitely in the top positions. American football is by far the most popular sport in the U.S.A and one of the most popular in the world. On the other hand in Europe the king of all sports is soccer which is also popular in other corners of the world. Both football and soccer share a common background that goes back to the invention of the ball. Although both sports can also be played by women they are most popular amongst men.

2. Basketball

Another activity that has made the list of sports that are popular across the world is basketball. This game is the dream of many teenagers who fantasize about the professional leagues after watching NBA players show their skills on the court. It is not surprising therefore that the NBA merchandise is sold rather quickly in stores. While it takes a great deal of hard work and commitment to become a professional player, basketball can also be enjoyed in more casual manner. Most young people prefer this recreational activity that helps them stay in shape and have fun in the same time.

3. Volleyball
Volleyball is a game that originated in the USA at the end of the 19th century. The concept and rules of the game were inspired by both tennis and handball as the volleyball is a sort of combination between these two sports. Although it is most popular in the US, volleyball has also expanded in other areas of the world where it is played both professionally and casually. Furthermore it is one of the most entertaining beach activities for women as well as men. It is a rather simple yet exciting game that can be played by anyone who enjoys physical exercise.

4. Golf

Golf is a more calculated sport. Those of you who don’t fancy the running part of sports, might want to consider golf. This sport is pretty basic and quite relaxing. However, it can also be very competitive. Nowadays, there are numerous products on the market which can help you improve your skills and plan your shorts better. For example, if you check out some Bushnell golf rangefinder reviews, you will see that over 90% of PGA players use the Bushnell rangefinders. Moreover, according to the Bushnell golf rangefinder reviews, these small and reasonably priced gadgets are not designed specifically for professionals, but can improve any golf playing level.

The list of sports that are known worldwide contains many other sports such as:
– Tennis
– Rugby
– Hockey
– Baseball
– Table tennis
– Handball
– Cricket, and so on.
Given the free flow of information that is characteristic to the modern society, few local sports ever stay at the local level. Most often, when a game appears it is quickly adopted by communities from all over the world. Sports are a healthy way of expressing competition between communities and countries.

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