Lee Min Ho and South Korean Celebrities’ Passion for Plastic Surgery

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It is by now a well-known fact that celebrities, and people who spend their lives in the limelight in general, go under the knife for plastic surgery interventions. In an industry where good looks are the first to put you in the competition for a career, both men and women have started augmenting their bodies in order to look shapelier, to correct asymmetries, or to stop the unforgiving passing of time. But this phenomenon is not only popular in America, as Asian culture seems to gravitate in that direction as well. For instance, South Korea is a country in full economical and cultural development; the people there love their gadgets, clothing and accessories, and most of all, they love the idea of fame.

Lee Min Ho is one of the most popular television celebrities in South Korea right now, and all girls are head over heels with him. In South Korea, it is a well-known secret that women and men go almost in equal measure to have plastic surgery interventions. Few Korean celebrities have sometimes admitted to going under the knife, but in general they prefer to deny everything even if the changes are very visible. Thus, when it comes to Lee Min Ho plastic surgery interventions, the actor/pop singer denies any transformation, but one can’t help but notice he has a more defined jawline and a suppler nose.

Indeed, if you compare photos of the star a few years ago and now, you can actually notice his nose is thinner and more defined, whereas in the past it used to be a bit more bellied and bandy. Now, his nose is higher above the lip, the nostrils are more symmetrical, and this lightens up his face. Other Lee Min Ho plastic surgery interventions may also be related to his face; in profile pictures, his eyebrows also seem raised and shapelier, and while plucking and shaping could do the trick, facelifts could also have that effect.

Another feature that seems to be quite different than before is, as we’ve mentioned Lee’s jawline; in earlier pictures, his face is very oval, but now it seems to have achieved a more angular shape, and the jaw bones are more masculine and defined. Another theory is that his lips might have suffered some transformation, which is why the lower part of his face looks so different. Thus, even though we will probably never receive a confirmation about Lee Min Ho’s plastic surgery interventions, we can at least hope the Korean pop star will stop here while he’s still ahead in the game.