Learning How to Draw

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Everyone of us has dabbled in drawing, if not as adults than at least as children. Grabbing a pencil and doodling with it on a piece of paper seems like one of the most natural things, and humans have been doing it for tens of thousands of years. However, learning how to draw like a professional takes a lot of practice and studying. Not everyone is born with artistic talent, but the truth is that most times, it is hard work and dedication that bring forth the best results. So if you want to start drawing for fun, or learn how to make portraits or landscapes, you can definitely learn sooner or later.

As long as you learn some basic skills you can easily learn how to draw any type of object, animal, person and so on. However, being able to replicate objects with precision won’t make you an artist; as an artist you have to be able to convey a message, to do something striking, to make people think, or create unique representations of the world around you, from your unique point of view.

Those who wish to learn how to draw must first learn one of the basic tricks that everyone finds out about when getting into this hobby: any drawing you might like to make can be broken into pieces that are much easier to draw bit by bit than doing the drawing in one go. If you practice a lot, for months and months, you can get to acquire the skills to draw anything you like easy and fast, in a few swift moves. But before reaching that level of control and sophistication and being able to express yourself in a unique manner, you have to do it like every beginner: geometric shape after geometric shape.

Before learning how to draw you must first get all your tools and utensils; because you’re just a beginner, you don’t have to worry about finding the best pencils and paper. Your most important tool at this moment will be your patience, because you can’t expect to be good from the first few tries. Like golfing, you get better at drawing the more practice you get; your hand muscles get used to the motions and learn to perform them better and better with each try. So get a pencil, lots of paper, an eraser, a pencil sharpener and a ruler and start practicing your shapes.

When you just start to learn how to draw, the shapes you have to learn to master are the basic geometric shapes like squares, ovals, circles, and so on. Then you can learn to use them when drawing various objects by using free online tutorials. Good luck and good practice!

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