Inspirational Sports Quotes about Hard Work, Success and Failure

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Most sports across the world are dominated by the concept of victory. Even when people are playing a sport in a casual manner with friends, they are still playing to win. While sports are a great way to keep in shape, the ultimate goal in any sport is always victory. There’s nothing wrong with a little competition. On the contrary, it is a great way to motivate people in order to improve themselves. Over the years numerous sports people have expressed their philosophical thoughts on the concept of sports. Most of these sports quotes have turned into memorable inspirations.

Michael Jordan has a very dramatic view on the concept of success. He keeps a tight evidence of his failures. According to him, he has missed more than 9000 shots and lost over 300 games. Furthermore, he missed the winning shot 26 times. He believes that his basketball career has numerous failures. However, it is these failures that motivated him to be a better player and they are the reason why he constantly improved and managed to maintain himself on an ascending route. Had these events been more touched by the gods of luck, he would have probably remained at a mediocre level, whereas the failures turned him into a basketball legend.

Vince Lombardi is a very strong name in the football world. He started out as a player, moved on to being a coach and eventually became the executive of the Green Bay Packers. He guided the team towards numerous victories and his sports quotes will forever be remembered. Perhaps one of his most popular words of wisdom are the ones saying that winners never quit and quitters never win. With words like this he inspired his team to win 5 league championships in 7 years. Furthermore, while some sports people suggested that football is about the game and not the victory, he had a different opinion that he expressed in simple words. He thought that if victory was not the goal of the game than the score had no point. He strongly believed that only hard work is the foundation of success and while failure is a part of the game, the important thing is to learn from the mistakes that you’ve made and to have the power to get up each time you are knocked down. Furthermore, he is also the man who said the legendary sports quotes suggesting that winning is not only the most important thing but it is the only thing that mattered.

A sport which is surrounded by a lot of inspirational sports is golf and while some may argue that golf is not as hard as other games, perhaps some golf quotes might shed some light on the matter. According to Arnold Palmer, success in golf doesn’t indeed depend on the strength of the body but it does depend greatly of the strength of the mind and the character. It is also Palmer who says that ” Golf is deceptively simple but endlessly complicated”. Golf players also seem to be more united than other sports player as they constantly share golf tips and tricks. There are a lot of forums nowadays where people can find golf tips and tricks and even advice from pro golf players.

Some sportsmen see sport as aggression and success. However there are others that have a more idealistic point of view. Emil Zatopek believed that a man cannot run with money in his pockets but with hope on his heart and dreams in his mind. It seems that this idealistic philosophy fitted him as he was one of the most successful Czech runners. Derek Jeter, a prominent Yankee, believed that while you may excuse yourself saying that some people are just more talented, you have no excuse if other people outshine you because they simply work harder. Last but not least, a word of passion from Europe, Thierry Henry believes that his success is due to the fact that his passion is almost insane as he eats, sleeps and breathes football. These are but a few of the most inspiring sports quotes that drive players from across the globe.

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