Incredibly Small Pets That You Can Have

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Sometime during the age where humans realized they could tame animals and keep them around their habitat for breeding in order to have constant food, humans also came to the conclusion that some animals offer an even more advantage if you become friends with them. Dogs and cats were the usual suspects; the first were loyal and loving, and they could protect their masters, as well as their herds or possessions. As for cats, they were good killers of rodents and other pests, so they could be a great help around the house as well. The habit of taking on pets remained with us until today, when it seems like one of the most natural things to do. But now we don’t limit ourselves to just cats and dogs, we adopt various types of large and small pets.

In this article we are going to present you some of the incredibly small pets that you can own; some people prefer having smaller pets because they are easier to care for and because most of them have features we consider cute and endearing. That being said, here are some small pets you might like to have:

  • The Guinea Pig – This little fellow has been a human companion for a very long time now, so it falls into the category of common pets. It is a great pet because even children can take care of it, and it gets to live up to ten years. There are many breeds of guinea pigs, but only 13 of them are recognized by the American Cavy Breeders Association; some have short hair, others have it long, and they come in different colors as well. Find out more about taking care of guinea pigs if you’re interested in raising one.
  • The Hamster – We remain in the same rodent category; the hamster is truly the king of all small pets. Once they get used to you, they are friendly and playful, which makes them great for children as well. However, you should know that hamsters, just like guinea pigs, need a lot of exercise, and they are nocturnal beings.
  • The Gecko – Not the most huggable pet, the gecko is a type of small lizard that can have various colors; the more common gecko is leopard-printed, but if you want you can find the rarer one as well, which has a bright green skin. Although this animal is shy, you can earn its trust and create some sort of bonding. Once comfortable with their masters, geckos like to explore them.
  • The Ferret – We’re going to skip common pets like rabbits and parrots and jump right to one of the naughtiest, most energetic small pet you could have. The ferret is a curious being, covered in soft fur and with a very long tail. It can be difficult to care for them at first because they are explorers who like to find out what’s in all the corners of your home. The upside is that you’ll have a pet with great personality; they are much happier with a companion.
  • The Chinchilla – The appeal of chinchillas is that they have beautiful, soft fur that you just can’t stop petting. They come in various colors as well, and they are very good indoor pets because they don’t smell, and neither do their cages if you help the chinchillas keep them tidy. Moreover, a chinchilla can live up to 20 years, so you’ve got a companion for life in them.

These are some of the small pets that you can have; they are all lovable and adorable, each with different characteristics and traits. This means that you too can find a pet that suits your personality and lifestyle, so both of you can find the best companionship.

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