Improve your city for a better quality of life

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Since the environment that you are going to live in has a substantial effect on your well-being, the quality of life has gained a lot of importance for many people that decide to move from a city to another. We already have to deal with stress in every area of our professional and personal life, so we want to make sure that at least the environment is a friendly one that does not contribute to our mental and physical health problems and allows us to relax a little bit when we look around us instead of experiencing unpleasant smells and loud disturbing noises that only make things worse. It is already well-known that cities with a good quality of life have happier citizens.

Since the urban planning of a city has effects that go in a circle, the specialists should pay a lot of attention to what are the missing pieces that would create a suitable city for its citizens, and also, implement new customs to make the city grow.

Keep your city clean and green

A clean and green environment is surely a healthy one for the people living there. The citizens need to have outdoor spaces that are suitable for them to spend time and connect with nature while enjoying the fresh air. That is why any city should have many parks in every neighborhood to satisfy the need of spending time in nature and relaxing. Unpleasant odors are surely extremely disturbing for everyone living in or visiting a city, so the Department of Sanitation should have all the resources to assure a clean environment by collecting the garbage, taking care of the recycling process, cleaning the roads with hydraulic systems as the ones from Admec, and remove snow during the cold season to assure a functional traffic without making the citizens be late for work.

Attract intellectual class and artists

This is an aspect that is a controversy among the urban development specialists. To attract the intellectual class, the effects of gentrification should be taken very seriously. Urban neighborhoods have always attracted artists because of the low costs of the accommodation and the bohemian flair of them that makes them create pieces of art. However, when the process of gentrification starts to happen this becomes a problem because they can not afford to live there anymore and they definitely move which means the city is losing most of its intellectual or, so-called, creative class.

Create entertainment events to attract the creative class

Events such as festivals, theatre plays, or concerts assure a significant growth to the economy of the city by developing the tourism attracting fans from all over the world. Also, it attracts the artists to come to your city since they have all the sources and support to perform their creativity and talent for their fans.

Create a strong bicycling culture

Pollution is an environmental problem that every country and city around the world is confronting with and it has a substantial negative effect on the citizens living there. A solution that can be implemented in order to assure the reduction of the pollution in your city, a bicycling culture should be developed by creating bike paths and renting options and the citizens should be encouraged to use bicycles instead of their own cars that produce a lot of damage to the quality of air and environment.

Better public transportation

The public transportation has a lot of importance when it comes to the quality of life of a city. First of all, a developed public transportation system has a lot of influence on the tourism that increases the economy of the city. Second of all, since the citizens are encouraged to use public transportation instead of their cars because it is extremely well-developed and they are never late for work, pollution is again reduced.

Reduce the unemployment rate

In order to make sure that your citizens have a good quality of life, they need to have a diverse and developed labor market. Firstly, they need to work in order to have an economic stability that will not make them develop any health problems because of the low resources or stress that they can not afford to take care of their families. Secondly, they need to feel that they are part of the working labor since the all the society is circling around it. In order to assure a flourishing labor market for your citizens, you need to create projects that attract new investors, companies, implement conditions that are favorable and encourage people to open small local businesses such as low taxes until a specific amount of profit is gained by the owner.

Healthcare system

In any city, the health system should undoubtedly be extremely developed in order to be able to say that a city is offering a good quality to the life of its citizens. The health infrastructure and the availability of preventive care are the two variables that should be taken into consideration when you are planning to increase the quality of life in your city and new implements for urban development.

Invest in knowledge for later results  

Having a flourishing and modern educational system is a must for any city that wants to see a massive growth with the help of its citizens. Education has a great impact on the individuals’ mind, character, and physical abilities. Schools, colleges, universities should be capable to transmit knowledge that will prepare intelligent and hard-working grownups that will later be on the labor market and the investment will start to pay off.

Political stability

Citizens that trust the political characters from the ruling party are experiencing a better quality of life than the ones that believe that the heads of the city do not care about their needs and opinions. As well, they need to have a voting system that is fair and they need to know that they are the ones that decide who is going to rule them without being tricked by the political class.