Important Things to Know Before Starting The Crash Diet

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It is a well known fact that women are no longer appreciated for their individual beauty. On the contrary, in order to be considered beautiful, they must fit into certain society imposed beauty standards. Due to the fact that a lot of women have self esteem problems, they try numerous measures, some of which are extreme, in order to make their bodies look like the bodies of women in fashion magazines. Some of the extreme measures that women use in order to feel beautiful are unhealthy diets. Such is the case of the Crash Diet, which is a very unhealthy diet with a lot of negative effects on our bodies.

The basics
The crash diet has a very simple principle which is decreasing the daily calorie intake as much as possible. It is meant for people who want to see fast results and who only care about the physical aspects and have a complete disregard for their health. In the diet’s description it is specified that this diet is not healthy and it should only be used as an extreme measure for a short period of time. One can’t help but wonder, what situation could be so extreme that you would force your body to almost reach the point of starvation.

Efficiency analysis
The crash diet, also known as the starvation diet works in a very simple manner. When a person drastically reduces the daily amount of calories, the body starts braking down Glycogen stores in order to produce energy. The body then moves on to breaking down amino acids from proteins. Only when it is left with the minimum amount of protein required for survival, does the body start breaking down the fat. The amount of glycogen that the body can afford to break down can amount to 6 pounds of water. To this amount we can add a couple of pounds of water that can be found in proteins. Given these facts, you can understand why crash diets have miracle wight loss results. You are merely losing water pounds which will immediately come back once you return to your normal eating habits. Furthermore, when you lower your daily calorie intake, you are also depriving your body of the necessary nutrients. As a result, you will feel tires, your immunity will weaken, you skin will be paler and your overall body functions will be out of balance.

Vicious circles
Due to the fact that people manage to lose a lot of weight when following a low calorie diet, they are fooled into believing that this diet is actually efficient. They often blame themselves when they start gaining back the weight. However, the truth is that once you start gaining weight, after a starvation diet, you aren’t actually getting fat again. The body is merely redoing its water supplies. During a starvation diet you will manage to lose some fat weight, but the quantity of it will be quite small compared to the water fat that you will be losing. This is why you can’t manage to fix your problem areas (such as your belly or your tights) despite managing to lose a lot of weight.

Useful advice
A starvation diet is the worst thing that a person can do in order to lose weight. People need to be educated of the importance of health as opposed to the importance of slim bodies. Teenagers need to be taught to look up to fitness models instead of skinny supermodels. Keep in mind that a slim yet flabby body will never be as attractive as a curvy, toned body.

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