Important elements you should use when developing an identity for your brand

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There are not many people who can tell you what the definition of brand identity is. In the majority of cases they are not able to offer you a clear definition of the term, because it is composed of multiple values, strategies and efforts that help someone to make their company known to the public through textual and visual means. If you want to build a brand, then you should know that behind its visuals and texts, there are also included elements people do not see. Who knows what unseen elements a brand identity includes? Well, you know, because you are the one who builds it. You experience emotions, you know what your goals are, and you know what image you want to share the world.

Some of the components of a brand can be assessed and regulated while others cannot be controlled by you or your team. You can decide what colour you will choose to represent your business, what logo you prefer and other similar elements, but you cannot decide what reputation you have on the market, and your customers’ opinion. Here you will discover some of the most important elements of a brand’s identity.

The first and most important: the brand name

The majority of people already have in mind the name of the company they want to grow when they start building brand awareness. But as you may already know there are not few the cases when the name of the company is not the same as the name of the brand. So, you will have to find the combination of words that best identifies with your company’s view.

Young entrepreneurs may have the misconception that deciding the name of the brand is the easiest part of building an identity for your company, but the purpose is to come with an iconic name. The greatest brand names from the present market managed to replace generic terms with the name of the brand. A few examples are: Coca Cola, Nike, Chevy and Target. Also, when your customers associate your company with a reliable brand name, they will be willing to pay more, only to buy from you.

The logo is an essential element of effective branding

If you do not know what a logo is, then you should know that it is the image that replaces the brand name. It identifies only with your company, and it is important to not look similar with the one of another business. When you choose a logo your purpose should be the logo to be recognisable without you having to write the name together with it. For example the swoosh of
Nike is known by everyone, and the company prefers to use only the logo, when they manufacture products.

When you see a device that has an apple on its back or front, you already know that it was made by Apple and you do not need someone to tell you details about the company, because you already know that it is one of the biggest brands when it comes to producing high-tech devices and systems.

Make sure you pair the logo with a theme line

What a theme line is? Well in the majority of cases it is a small phrase that helps the brand that uses it to become memorable. For example Nike uses in its commercials the theme line ‘Just do it” together with the logo. Apple uses the theme line “Think different” because all their products are designed to be different from what you can find on the market. BMW manages to sell cars all around the world, and few are the ones who do not know that this company uses the theme line “Designed for Driving Pleasure”. Choosing a theme line will help you make your name known on the market, and it is one of the most important elements you have to use when you build an identity for your business.

Choose a shape that helps customers identify your products on the market

We are talking about the physical shape of the products you manufacture. You should create products that are unique in shape on the market. If they are distinctive, then customers will have no issues in associating them with your business and identifying your brand.

It is important to create a brand that has personality, and this should be reflected even in your stamps and seals. The website recommends entrepreneurs get in touch with a professional company to help them create a unique stamp that identifies with the brand it represents. For example, everyone knows the form Coca Cola bottles have, and the company decided to not bring it changes, because it is one of the elements that help people identifying their brand on the market.

The graphics help you create personality

If you want to create a brand that has a personality then you should play with graphics. All the big names from the market use unique graphics, because they know that it is not enough to use only a logo and a theme line. If you associate graphics with the other elements then you will create an image everyone will recognise. For example, Louis Vuitton is known for the flower pattern it uses on the line of luggage accessories they design. Graphics are not as important as the logo, but it supports it to become more powerful, and their association is the one that builds credibility and identity for a business. The website advises offering personality even to the seal you use to accompany your official papers.

Choose the colour palette

There are companies that registered their colour palettes, so they are the only ones that could use a certain colour in their domain. For example Owens-Corning is a fiberglass insulation company that registered pink as being their brand colour. If you will receive or send a package with UPS delivery company you will notice that they wear uniforms that help them be cognoscible in their domain. They are the only delivery company that uses brown cars and uniforms. Another example of a company that trademarked a colour is Tiffany & Co. They registered the shade robin egg blue in 1998, because they wanted it to be associated only with their brand.