Important considerations to have before a breast augmentation surgery

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Breast implants and augmentation surgeries have come extremely popular among women who fell self conscious about this part of their body. Not being pleased with the way your breasts look like can truly affect your confidence, the psychological affects being ones that have been proven by numerous specialists. Nowadays, you no longer have to deal with frustrations concerning this issue, because you have an effective solution to opt for – surgery. Obtaining the breast shape and size you have always dreamed of having is possible, but before booking yourself a consultation, and undergoing this type of medical procedure, informing yourself about a few aspects might be necessary. If you do not know much on the topic, and you are eager to find out a few details that will help you understand this surgical intervention and its implications better, keep reading:

Know your options and choose wisely

Be aware of all your options in terms of breast augmentation, and choose the one that suits your needs and desires best. You can opt between silicone or saline implants, each coming with their own advantages. While the saline option requires a smaller incision, the silicone ones feel and look more natural, so it is up to your personal preferences. There are two options in terms of shape as well, teardrop, which have a more natural appearance being also known as anatomical, and round implants, which are the ones that most women opt for. Your surgeon can provide you with professional explanations that can help you choose the most reliable option. Also, when you are choosing breast implants, you should not pay attention solely to the way your breast might look, but the way they might impact your current lifestyle as well. If you are an athletic person who enjoys intense workouts or running on a daily basis, opting for a size that is a bit too big can affect your lifestyle, in terms of movement ease, stability and comfort. So, try to choose an option wisely, and if you go over the recommended size for you, make sure your post surgery expectations are reasonable ones. Experienced surgeons, such as Omar Tillo, state that this is the most important aspect patients need to think through.

Post-surgery pain

Pain is one of the reasons why so many women avoid or postpone undergoing this medical procedure. However, with the medical development of the last years, post-surgery pain should no longer be a concern. Although dealing with discomfort after the surgery is only natural, there are certain medications that can ease pain, and make the recovery period less unpleasant. The level of pain encountered depends on each patient and their own individual body, but it is recommended to inform yourself about pain management products, and have the necessary drugs at your disposal in case you need them.  

Movement is important for the recovery period

Although you will have to take a few days off, after your breast implant surgery, that does not mean you should not get out of bed at all. Even a 10 minute walk a day can make a big difference in the way you will feel and how fast you will recover, because movement has the role of allowing the swelling to go down faster and more effectively, and thus speed up the recovery period. This is an important aspect to know in advance.

Risks and complications are rare

While in the past, when this type of medical intervention was still new, you might have been able to hear some unpleasant stories regarding the subject, nowadays the risks involved are minimal ones. Fearing any kind of complications should not be a reason for you not to go through this intervention, because even if you face the uncommon situation where a complication appears, if it is detected, it can easily be managed, not leading to any serious risks. You can discuss with your surgeon about capsular contracture, fluid accumulation or calcium deposit – they will be able to explain to you all of these possible risks, and you will get peace of mind after understanding the slim chances of dealing with them.

Choosing a good surgeon

One extremely important thing you will need to pay foremost attention to is choosing the surgeon who will be in charge of performing the surgery. Because you probably do not want to leave this in the hands of a novice, and thus deal with unpleasant complications and surprises, searching for a specialist in the field is a task that needs to be handled with care. Once you search online for options, you will come across such an impressive variety of offers that comparing them might seem difficult. The first thing you can do is look at the surgeon’s portfolio. The before and after pictures of their work are a clear indicator of how good a specialist might or might not be. Only if you like the results you see on their previous patients, you can give that surgeon more of your consideration. Experience in the field of plastic surgery is also extremely relevant – the longer the surgeon has been handling breast implants, the better their services will automatically be. Also, a first consultation and discussion will help you form an opinion about a certain specialist. Make sure the surgeries are done at a properly equipped and certified clinic in London, such as Centre for Surgery.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of relevant things you should know about augmentation surgery, and if you have decided to undergo this type of surgical intervention yourself, being prepared is recommended. Being well informed on the topic will help you understand the implications of the surgery better, as well as its amazing benefits, and also allow you to choose a clinic that will not fail to meet your expectations. The considerations stated above are the most important ones to keep in mind before this type of surgery, so make sure you do not skip on thinking though each one of these relevant aspects.