How to tell if you have a mold issue

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Mold is every homeowner’s nightmare. When you walk into the basement and you feel the pungent odor, you only want to find a way to get out. When you try to identify the cause of the odor you find a little patch of furry and dark growth on the wall or on the carpet, and you try to figure out what it may be. Well, you find yourself in the front of mold, the worst enemy when it comes to hidden dangers in houses. But for many people this diagnosis is not obvious, because mold is hidden, and you can live with it in the house for many years, time when it affects your health. If you suspect that mold might be present inside your house, then you should check for the following signs, because they indicate the presence of the fungus. Discovering that you have mold inside your house might cause you different feelings, you may experience a sense of overwhelming or frustration, but you have to remove it as soon as possible, because it may spread.

You can feel a strange odor

It does not matter if mold is visible or not, it will emit an unpleasant and unusual odor, and you should not ignore this sign. If there is a place in your house where you can feel a persistently musty smell, but you cannot find its source, then you should consider hiring a mold removal company to check your house. If you feel this odor, then you can follow it and when you find the patch, you can remove it. However, there are cases when mold is unreachable, because it is hidden behind the walls, or under the floor and in this situation you should call a professional to help you remove it.

You notice mold growth

There are many types of fungus, and if you see it, you may have no idea if it is toxic or not. There are few people who can identify the mold based on the size, colour and shape. Sometimes it appears as a dark and furry growth, other times it has the shape of a black stain, or there are cases when you can notice some orange, white, green or clack specks. Therefore, you should not have the misconception that if you cannot find the multi-coloured flakes of mold, then the small is caused by something else. If there are moist areas inside your house, then you can be sure that they are a sign of mold, and you should search for it. Mold thrives in damp cool places, and you will find it easier if you start looking for the fungus there.

You experience uncommon symptoms

Sometimes people do not look for mold until they do not experience uncommon symptoms. Some of them include watery eyes, runny nose, dizziness, sneezing, memory loss and headaches. If these symptoms appear on their own, you can confound them for a cold, but in case they continue, even if you take cold treatment, then you should consider having a mold check. Also, you should try to see if you have these symptoms only when you are at home, or you experience them at work or in other places. There are toxic types of mold, and in this case, it is crucial to remove it from your house until it does not affect your health. This is a situation when it is advisable to work with professionals, because it is important to prevent growing back in the future.

You notice condensation

You may notice condensation on the pipes or excess moisture on your windows, and this is a clear sign that there is moisture inside your house, and it will soon lead to mold. In these conditions, your home is the perfect breeding ground for fungus and in case it is not already present inside, it will soon grow. An effective solution to reduce the moisture inside the house is to use a dehumidifier.

You experience water problems

The risk of mold is higher if your house has a sewer backed up, a toiler overflowed or moisture problems. The best place to start looking for mold is the area where you know that water stayed a long period of time. If in the recent past your house was flooded, then mold may be hidden behind the walls or underneath the floor. So if you suspect its presence, then you should look for discolored floors, ceilings and walls, because the discoloration is a major sign of colonies of mold. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the cracks and bubbles in the wallpaper and paint, and to look for bulging and warped walls. These are also signs that the moisture has penetrated the surface and in the future, it will lead to mold.

What should you do?

In case you are able to identify the areas that have mold, then you can remove it. You can use ingredients you already have in your house. You can mix a gallon of water and cup of bleach to scrub the mold present on the ceiling, carpet and walls. In this way you are able to kill the mold and to restore your house back it its previous state. But if there is too much mold and it cannot be removed with the help of this mix, then it is advisable to hire professionals to help you. There are cases when the house is infested with toxic mold and you can harm your health if you try to remove it by yourself.

Also, before taking any action, it is advisable to try to prevent this situation. The best thing you can do is to keep your house dry. So when a large quantity of liquid is spilled you should dry the space in the first 24 hours, because in this way you prevent mold growth. When you remodel your house it is advisable to use mold resistant ones, because in this way you can achieve peace of mind, knowing that there are small chances for mold to grown hidden in the walls, ceilings and floors.