How to Search for the Best Stair Lift Reviews & Ratings

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If getting up and down the stairs seems to be more difficult than you ever expected, you can consider a stair lift as a way to do more of the things that you want, without wasting too much energy. Furthermore, there is no need in starting to use only half of your house, or moving downstairs, especially since there are many types of stair lifts that can meet your personal needs. Therefore, you need to start searching for an effective device that can help you continue to do the things that were once fast and easy. Here is how to look for a reliable product.

Read as many stair lift reviews as possible

Reading a considerable number of stair lift reviews will help you understand better the advantages that you can get by purchasing such a device, but it can also warn you against the disadvantages that some products present. Furthermore, you will get the possibility to form an opinion about the additional costs that these products involve, because many of them might require considerable repairs and maintenance expenses. According to some of the best stair lift reviews, the most effective unit will come with a reliable warranty that can give customers the confidence that they need to invest money in this type of products. So, make sure that you’ll make enough research before buying a certain model.

Ask for recommendations

If you have friends who own a stair lift, you can talk to them and try to learn from their experience. It is very important to ask them what is it that they like about their device, but also which the things that they would change are. A stair lift features a special mechanism that allows people to get up and down the stairs easier, but there are many aspects to consider before deciding on a certain brand. This mechanism can be used only by those who own a house with stairs that are wide enough, because a rail must be mounted to the stair thread, and a special chair or platform must be attached to the rail. Furthermore, the person who uses the device is lifted as the chair goes up, and that is why this type of aid requires a sufficient amount of space.

Determine what type of stair lift is more suitable for your needs

Giving the wide range of stair lifts that exist on the market, you must analyze all their characteristics, and choose the one that can meet your personal needs. Here are the main types of stair lifts:

  • The Seated Stair Lifts are the most common models that people use to become more mobile. This type of devices integrates a comfortable chair that moves along the rail and swivels when it gets at the top of the stairs, helping the user get off easier. However, those who need to use a walking aid won’t be able to carry more than a walking stick on a seated stair glider. So, they should consider to have two aides, one that can wait for them upstairs, and one that will be available when they go back downstairs.
  • The Straight Stair Lifts can only be used by people who have a straight staircase, and due to their simplicity, they are the most affordable options for people who are on a budget. These devices don’t have to be fitted to the staircase wall, but to the stair tread, so you don’t have to worry that they will ruin your home design.
  • The Curved Stair Lifts have the capacity to travel round bends in the staircase, and they can offer a smooth glide across landings. The best part about purchasing this type of product is that it doesn’t occupy too much space, because it runs on a rail that is located very close to the wall. Furthermore, Curved Stair Lifts operate on rechargeable batteries.
  • The Outdoor Stair Lifts can offer you easy access to the steps that lead up to your front door, and since they have to be ready to use under any circumstances, they feature a waterproof cover. That way, you will be able to use it regardless the weather conditions.
  • The Transfer Platform Straight Stair Lifts are recommended for people who own houses that have a   straight staircase with a half landing. Take note that this is only helpful for those who are mobile enough to move from one stair glider to another.

Basic stair lift features

Based on many stair lift reviews, a stair lift should integrate components that are easy to use and maintain. Furthermore, they should offer users lots of facilities and convenience, because they must make life easier for those who need an effective aid to carry on with their daily activities. We present you the most common feature that a reliable unit must be equipped with:

  • A seated stair lift should feature a padded swivel chair that can be adjusted in order to provide comfort for both taller and shorter users. Furthermore, when not in use, the seat should also be easy to fold up and store, because the stairs must remain accessible for people who don’t deal with mobility problems.
  • Stair gliders must integrate easy-to-operate controls, so most of these machines can be powered with the simple use of a key, and they can be maneuvered with the help of buttons or with the help of a joystick. Depending on the user’s needs, the controls can be placed on either side of the stair lift.
  • Most units integrate batteries that can automatically recharge when you use your stair glider. The charger is placed either at the bottom or at the top of the staircase, which means that you have to return your machine to the parking spot after each use for recharging the batteries.