How to Prepare for the Blood Tests for Life Insurance Policies

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Choosing the right life insurance is a complicated process. Once you find it, you have to make sure that you qualify for it and preferably pay some affordable premiums. Most insurance companies have pretty thorough medical exams that usually include blood tests. The results of these tests are used in order to determine the level of risk that the company takes with a certain person. Furthermore, if you qualify for your chosen policy, the premiums will be established according to the results of the medical exam. In order to get the best possible result at the blood tests for life insurance policies you should follow a few simple instructions.

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine

The day of the exam, as well as the day prior to the medical exam it is advised that you give your bad habits a break. Caffeine, alcohol and nicotine can affect the level of cholesterol in your blood as well as other health indicators. On that note you should also try to avoid eating at least 8 hours before the medical exam. However, if you must eat, try to avoid salty and high cholesterol food. As far as nicotine goes, laying off the cigarettes is not enough. You should also avoid all products that contain nicotine such as nicotine gum or patches.

  • Take your medication

If you are currently under a doctor prescribed medication you should take it as the doctor suggested. Not taking it will not hide your health problems on the blood tests for life insurance policies. On the contrary, if you don’t take your medical treatment before the blood tests you are likely to get very bad results as there will be nothing keeping under control your medical problem.

  • Avoid physical exercises

The day before the exam you should try to avoid any strenuous physical exercises as these can lead to elevated cholesterol readings in your blood tests for insurance policies. You should be very well rested on the day of the exam so make sure that you also get a solid 8 hours of sleep. Avoid taking any sleeping pills as well as any other type of over the counter medication.

The blood tests for life insurance policies are very stressful for most people. You should give them a lot of attention if you want to be considered eligible. Keep in mind that if you get rejected by one company, the next company that you try will most likely be aware of the fact that you were once rejected. However, under no circumstance should you lie to the insurance company about your health. If you are concerned about the life insurance medical exam, you can consider a company that doesn’t require a medical exam. There are plenty of online insurance companies that have guaranteed acceptance. However, be aware as these companies usually have much higher premiums.

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