How to Prepare Black Mixed Drinks

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Preparing cocktails or mixed drinks has been part of our society for hundreds of years; it didn’t take long for people to realize that mixing this drink with that one, or combining this alcohol with that juice results in even better and tastier beverages. Thus, mixing drinks is today considered an art even, because it takes a real connoisseur to be able to tell which drinks can be combined and which can’t. Mixed drinks were also a result of something else; in periods like the Prohibition, the American people no longer had easy access to the alcohol they enjoyed and were used to, so they had to try and drink what bootleggers could import illegally.

This is how mixed drinks saw a revival, so they started mixing gins, sherries, vodka and others and creating new and original cocktails. Today we are going to show you a few black mixed drinks, because black has always been one of the most attractive colors for people. That is because it represents death, it symbolizes danger and darkness, and consuming those things makes you feel stronger. In fact, if you think about it, black food is always more expensive; take caviar for example – there are many types and colors, but black caviar has always been the favorite of people.

The following black drinks can be perfect for an elegant party, or even for Halloween if you want to impress your costumed friends. The Most common black cocktail is the Black Russian Vodka, a lowball drink quite easy to prepare and truly delicious. Both men and women will love this drink: the basic recipe uses three parts vodka for one part coffee liqueur, but people prepare it differently around the world. This means you can toy with the proportions and create your own black mixed drinks just the way you like them.

Black truly is fascinating; it is the color of witches, of the night and of the unknown. You will inspire all those things in your guests with the Black Magic Vodka drink; however, in order to prepare it you have to get your hands on the very special Blavod black vodka, a special Russian product. Here is how you prepare it: you need two ounces of Blavod, half an ounce of grenadine, lemon-lime soda or just lemon soda and one Maraschino cherry as garnish. Take a collins glass, fill it with ice and pour the vodka and grenadine in it; complete with the soda and add the Maraschino cherry. Delicious!

Other mixed drinks that have a black color or something similar are also the well-known Irish coffee – where you just pour whiskey into the coffee -, the Cuba Libre which is made with rum and coke, the Circus Freak which is similar to the former except it uses two types of rum, or the special Dark Knight Rises cocktail made with equal parts of vodka, cranberry juice and lemonade. There are countless mixed drinks which have darker colors and people just love sipping on danger and suspense when drinking them. If you too want to prepare some of these drinks, then you should read some coffee maker reviews and find a good coffee maker; this is because all the other ingredients are usually bought, like the alcohol or the garnishes, but the quality of the coffee can be detrimental for the final result. Coffee maker reviews are available on any website which promotes these products, and most often they are comprehensive enough to guide prospective customers towards the best products, or rather towards the products that they need.

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