How to Get Your Motorcycle License

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Getting a motorcycle license is not very different from getting a driver’s license. All you need to do is show that you understand the rules and laws of driving by passing a test, and that you can maneuver a bike by passing a road test. Before you apply for a license you must have a previous open car license, P1 or P2 at least one year old. The first license will be a class RE. By following these easy steps you will be able to successfully obtain a motorcycle license:

Step 1 – Study
Before you apply for a learner’s permit you must study the handbook for your state’s motor vehicle agency, a book which contains answers to the questions involved in tests. The questions will be asked when you apply for the permit. Getting a copy is not difficult, you can download it from the motor vehicle agency’s website.

Step 2 – Get the learner’s permit
In order to get a learner’s permit, you must pay the application fee and pass vision and written tests. Remember that you must have a certain age to apply for a motorcycle license. After you receive the learner’s permit you can practice for the entire length of time your state requires before applying for the license. This period can vary from 20 days to several months.

Step 3 – Apply for a license
At you state’s motor vehicle agency you can fill an application form and pay the application fees. Usually you can find the form on the agency’s website. If you don’t have a vehicle you can obtain a street legal bike you can ride for the test. Choose an easy to drive model, such as a Cruiser, because it has a lower center of gravity.

Step 3 – Take the test
You cannot take the driving test without a properly licensed bike and it is possible to get a ticket if the motorcycle does not respect the rules and regulations. Make sure you have valid plates, registration and insurance before you apply for the motorcycle license. Schedule a day for the test and check the weather before you do.

Step 4 –Practice
They don’t say practice makes perfect for no reason. Go to the parking lot of the state’s motor vehicle agency and practice starting, turning and braking techniques. It is very likely that you will take the road test there. If necessary, take the written test also.

Step 5 – Pass
After you pass the tests, the next step is to pay a fee for an endorsement and get the motorcycle license paperwork filled out. Now you can get in line and have your license picture taken. In case you fail the test, you can repeat the procedure after a certain timeline.

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