How to Get Your Kid to Like Going to the Dentist

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One of the worst fears children have is going to the dentist because they associate the visit with a sort of torture that causes them discomfort. Taking the children to the doctor’s the hairdresser’s, or the dentist’s means invading their personal space and altering with their comfort, which is what makes them so reticent in agreeing to come. Fortunately, you can help them overcome this fear and actually enjoy going to the dentist if you now how to approach the issue and make the visit less scary and traumatizing.

Explain to them the importance of oral hygiene

Once your child is old enough to understand when you talk to them, you must have a conversation about oral hygiene and how important it is to take good care of your teeth. Tell them that they need to protect their teeth against cavities by washing them regularly and that a visit to a Dublin, Ohio pediatric dentist is essential in maintaining strong and healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

Start at an early age

By taking the child to the dentist since they are young, you will get them accustomed to the idea and they will be more likely to accept going without putting up a fight. It’s essential to see the dentist regularly and from an early age so the child will actually like this habit and see it as a normal thing. If you wait too long to take the kid to the dentist, the teeth problems are likely to get more serious and the child will not be happy with long visits.

Don’t make things too complicated

When you take the child to the dentist, try not to explain too many things to them because the doctor will know what kind of vocabulary to use. Don’t insist to tell the child they will be all right after the visit because in case of a painful intervention, they will lose their trust in you. Tell them that the doctor is simply going to check their teeth and see if there is any need for cleaning them.

Never use the dentist to scare the children

Many parents say “Wash your teeth or I will take you to the dentist and they will make you wash them”, which is the worst thing they can do. If your child refuses to wash their teeth or they often eat sweets that could ruin their teeth, never scare them by telling them that you will take them to the dentist to have their teeth fixed. The child will associate the dentist with something bad, like a punishment, so they will never feel comfortable during their regular teeth check.