How to Get Life Insurance Quotes Without Medical Exam

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One of the most important decisions you will make is to purchase quality, reliable life insurance in order to ensure that your family and loved ones are protected after you are gone. However, finding life insurance quotes without medical exam at an affordable price is difficult and involves many factors.


Despite the fact that getting life insurance quotes without medical exam can be expensive, the process is actually simpler and faster. After you complete the paperwork, the final cost is issues within one or two days after which you are covered. Consumers who are concerned about accidents or death can benefit from such insurance. Moreover, this type of policy is ideal for those who are denied life insurance because of pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea or high blood pressure. A company that offers life insurance quotes without medical exam will not ask about previous illnesses, disabilities or high risk activities, making it possible for you to gain coverage when other insurers have denied your application.

The problem

Although getting this type of insurance is more convenient because health issues are not a factor in the decision to provide coverage, life insurance quotes without medical examination are more expensive than regular policies. The reason for this is than insurance companies do not know much about your health condition so they cover those risks by charging higher premiums. In some cases, it can be twice as expensive than a policy that requires a health exam.

Even if anyone can get approved for life insurance without a medical examination, finding an affordable policy is difficult. However, there are many websites that have search engines equipped to offer life insurance quotes without medical exam and with an exam required, so you can compare prices and make the best decision.

Getting life insurance without medical exam

There are two ways people can acquire life insurance without taking a physical exam: purchasing a Guaranteed Issue policy or a Simplified Issue policy. Either one of these policies don’t require a medical exam or a blood and urine sample. The insurer will ask a few questions and if you pass them after they verify the answers. you will be covered. If you are in good health but you need protection fast, you can apply for a Simplified Issue policy and a traditional policy. Because life insurance quotes without medical exam are more expensive, once you receive the traditional cheaper policy you can cancel the Simplified Issue policy. However, if you do this too many times, the providers will refuse to insure you.

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