How to Get Inspired by Amber Interior Design

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Everyone who is a fan of Amber interior design loves the way that her projects turn out. She combines natural woods with other interesting texture and she uses lots of color in her themes.

What people most love about Amber interior design is the fact that she uses furniture and decorations in a very clean way. However, the most important thing is that her style is very fresh and fun. If you want your home to have a cheerful atmosphere, you can start by decorating your living room in a colorful and trendy way. Here is what you need to do in order to transform it into the happiest place of the house:
• The best way to start this project is by painting the walls of the room white or cream, because that will make the space look bigger. Furthermore, a nice and warm look has a calming effect, so it will make you feel very comfortable and relaxed.

• Depending on the colors of your furniture, you can create a great contrast by displaying all the white furniture on one side of the room, and the dark elements on the opposite side. If you are a fan of Amber interior design and you want to copy the exact look that her project has, you must opt for a white sofa which you can decorate with pink pillows.

• One thing which you should always keep in mind when remodeling your home is that you should never compromise comfort for design, especially when it comes to the bedroom. The purpose of interior design is to create a welcoming space, which cannot be possible if your home lacks comfort. Since the bedroom is the room where comfort matters the most, invest in quality elements for the bed, starting with the mattress and ending with the pillows. We advise you to invest in the best rated bamboo pillow as it can significantly increase the comfort of your bed. The best rated bamboo pillow is made of shredded memory foam and it has a bamboo pillowcase. Bamboo fabrics are the ideal choice for the bedding as they don’t retain heat and they are also recommended for people who suffer from allergies.

• You can frame the largest window of the room with two chairs and a coffee table between them. Furthermore, you can highlight the dark color of the chairs with the same shades of pink that you used to decorate the sofa.

• If you want to have more matching elements in the room, you can add a purple layered rug in front of the couch.

• You need to focus on the fabrics and on the patterns that you are going to use. If you want to achieve the best result you will need some amazing black and white curtains. Furthermore, they could match the big painting that you need to install on the wall behind the couch.

• To create a bohemian look you must use fur loose covers for the chairs that are in the white corner of the room. They will add a glamorous touch to the place, and they will create a nice contrast.

• The final step to complete your amazing living room is to add one or two vases with flowers as centre pieces. That way you can be confident that your place will look better than ever.

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