How to Find Half Price Books

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Many people don’t want to pay $20 for something they are only going to use once and then give it away or put it on a dusty shelf. Usually we only read a book once, and then move on to the next one. People who like to read two or three books every weak can have a really hard time paying for them. Buying a new book isn’t absolutely necessary, there are many places where you can find used half price books and even free books to fuel your passion for reading. There are the most reliable sources:

Swapping websites

One of the best swapping website is Finding books is easy and payments are made only for the shipping on the books you send out. The books you order are free of charge. Just sign up for an account, add the books you want to give away and create a wishlist. You can also browse the book collection already available on the website. Paperback Swap is another popular website.

Garage sales

Garage sales are a great place to find half price books. Some people aren’t sentimental about books, or just want more storage space. You can even purchase cheap books in bulks and bargain for them. The downside is that you rarely find a specific book, and most of the times you have to buy more than one. Look through the classified ads for garage sales in the newspaper.

Libraries and used book stores

Libraries usually have annual book sales so they can raise money for library programs or thin out the collection. Moreover, people donate books to the sales, so you will certainly find some good titles. Before looking elsewhere, visit you local used book stores and libraries. Flea markets are also great if you are on the hunt for half price books, antiques and crafts.

Half Price Books

The Half Price Books company’s motto says it all: We buy and sell anything printed or recorded, except yesterday’s newspaper. The books are in good condition and you can also find collectibles, rare out-of-print materials, specially priced promotional items and even music or movies

Amazon is an online giant with a dedicated student/textbook section and many half price books. Anyone with a valid student email address can get a free Amazon Prime membership, even if you already have an Amazon Prime account. (by eBay)

The used book section is separate from the main website on, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. This is a great place to find cheap textbooks, media and books. The Buying wizard allows you to search for the best deals and best combinations of shipping and prices.

Other online places

Craiglist allows you to place want adds and to look for books under the free and for sale sections. On FreeCycle you can give away books, post the ones you are looking for and search for free items. BIGWORDS is a textbook website where you can scan many other textbook retailers and sell or donate your textbooks. Furthermore, at Chegg you can rent books for a semester and on you can find a large collection of cheap children’s books, history books, cookbooks, science fiction, biographies and academic books.

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