How to Enjoy Red Carpet Treatment this Summer

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We all describe summer with different adjectives, but there is one commonality that most everyone can agree on: summer is about fun. A Very Royal Summer is one of those promotions you simply cannot afford to miss. Bingo players from far and wide are invited to participate in a truly regal affair – A Very Royal Summer. If it’s red carpet treatment that you enjoy, that’s precisely what you’ll get at 888ladies.

This hip, hop and happening bingo promo will be taking place on Tuesday, 22 July at 9:30 PM UK time. A fantastic jackpot prize pool of £8,888 is up for grabs and players across the spectrum will be able to claim their share of this jackpot cash. This game features 90 ball bingo – the UK favourite. It’s quick and easy to get started; all that’s required is to purchase bingo tickets for the game at a cost of just £1.

  • Details of a Very Royal Summer

Now that summer is hot on our heels, it’s a good time to ante up for lots of fun. 888ladies is facilitating this process with one of its most popular promotions yet – A Very Royal Summer. Come Tuesday, 22 July, all the Bobbies of Britain, the Queen and her entourage and plenty of flag-waving pomp and flair will adorn the gaming arena. And of course, players are equally excited about the prospect of winning lots of loot. There are 4 prize categories available to players, and it’s possible to win even if you’re one number short. Here are the prize categories for this exciting promo:

  1. Full House – £5,000 for the winners/s
  2. 2 lines – £2,000 for players competing 2 lines
  3. 1 line – £1,000 for players completing 1 line
  4. 1 to Go – £888 will be shared amongst multiple winners with just one number to go

Given this fantastic prize pool, it is clear that anyone can be a winner with A Very Royal Summer. To avoid the rush on 22 July, players are encouraged to pre-buy your tickets to this thrill-a-minute sensation. At a cost of just £1 per ticket, with a minimum pre-buy order of 2 tickets, it’s easy to put yourself in the reckoning for big prizes. The featured game is 90 ball bingo, which means that players will need to match 5 numbers for one line, 10 numbers for two lines and 15 numbers for a full house to win the grand prize.

  • How to Complete Winning Patterns on Your Bingo Tickets

There are 27 squares on each bingo ticket, but only 15 of them need to be filled. To sweeten the deal even more, 888ladies has a series of newbie bonuses designed boost your bankroll from the get go. For example if you deposit £10, you’ll get a £25 welcome bonus package on the house. This means that you can effectively play with £35. All sorts of summer games are available in house, with progressive jackpot bingo games, 75 ball bingo and Swedish bingo to name but a few. As a welcome distraction, players are invited to enjoy slots games casino games and scratch card games too!