How to Emulate Classy and Elegant Celebrity Fashion

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For almost one hundred years now, Hollywood celebrities have been our standards for beauty and fashion, royalties of the modern world that we look up to and wish to emulate. The beauty and perfection of celebrity women makes other women want to be like that as well, which is why many times acting at Hollywood goes hand in hand with modeling and promoting products. What we want to focus on today is the elegant and classy side of celebrity fashion, and we are going to take a look at those best representative for this category.

It is true that celebrity fashion is backed up by the latest trends and only the finest designers, but there are always cheap solutions for us normal folks, and if we can’t look exactly like a VIP, then we can sure try to be similar. And we’re not trying to say that copying celebrities is a good thing, but getting fashion inspiration from them is; besides, many of their outfits are perfect for galas and red carpet events, and they would have little to do with the lives of normal people. Thus, it is much more achievable for us to try and emulate celebrity street fashion, but red carpet outfits are not always out of our reach either. What we can do is learn and adapt, and use our resources in order to emulate their elegance. And when we speak of elegance, few are able to surpass Dame Helen Mirren, one of Hollywood’s most inspired imports.

When it comes to celebrity fashion, Helen Mirren is a great example because she always manages to be sexy, feminine and daring; she is famous for her generous bust, and everyone admires how beautiful she’s aged. And yet she defies her age, and we see her on the red carpet with sensual red dresses, tight corsages and low cleavages, and even daring hair colors like pink. She is also a good example for feeling good in your own body no matter the age; in that, she can be a great role-model for older women who are looking to reinvent themselves and rediscover their bodies. Helen proves without a doubt that beauty comes from the inside.

We cannot discuss celebrity fashion without mentioning America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama; she may not be a regular celebrity, but she stirs up the fashion world like she was one. Women around the world adore her, because her fashion style is so accessible. One day you’ll see her wear something from J Crew, and the next, she’ll be completely dressed in Vera Wang clothes; she thus proves that you don’t necessarily have to shop at the most exclusive designer brands in order to look good and feminine.

Finally, a true role model for elegant celebrity fashion, is Julianne Moore; at over 50 years old, she still manages to look as beautiful and radiant as a young girl. She is both sensual and classy, and over the year has sported some of the most coveted and admired Oscar dresses. At the same time, other events see her wearing quite normal and quiet outfits, because she understands that natural beauty is sometimes a woman’s best ally. Whichever of these women you will choose as a role model, you will manage to be feminine and sexy.

However, you should avoid trying to raise yourself to those celebrity standards, because it is not healthy for normal people; we do not have the money to invest in the best fashion designer clothes, in our physical appearance, and so on. If celebrities go an have plastic surgery, it’s because it is their livelihood to look good, and because they can afford the very best services; but even they can get it wrong sometimes, and there is a lot of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong, when their operations just change them too much. Ageing normally is much healthier, and instead of trying to look young forever, we should take a lesson in elegance and style from these ladies.

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