How to Do a French Manicure at Home

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Nowadays, it is very easy to do a French manicure at home that looks as if it was done at the salon. You need to buy a French manicure kit form a beauty store (if you want to last longer, try a gel nail kit), or just purchase some white and sheer pink polish to do it yourself.

With a little practice, patience and by following the steps below, you will obtain a chic French manicure for only the cost of the nail polish, in the comfort of your own home.

Step 1: Trim your nails to any length you want. However, longer nails are better for a French manicure, and it is also easier to do this type of manicure on them. Make sure your nails are all even.

Step 2: Decide on the shape of your nails, either square or round. Then use a nail file to shape them in the desired form.

Step 3: If you want to feel like you are at the salon, you can dip your hands in a bowl filled with warm water in which you can add a small amount of liquid soap, optionally. Let them soak for a couple of minutes. Then, with a cuticle pusher (or an orange stick) push the cuticles back. Use something thin enough (such as the opposite end of the cuticle pusher) to get rid of any grime and dirt that is underneath the nails.

Step 4: Polish the top of your nails so that they are prepared for applying the first coat of nail polish. Apply a base coat now.

Step 5: Wait until the base coat is dry. Then, apply a thin layer of sheep pink polish and wait until the nails are dry.

Step 6: When your nails are all dry, place the nail guides on top of the nails and use them to draw the perfect white tip. If you do not have any nail guides, this step will require that you are more focused, but do not worry, you can do a French manicure without them, as well! Using the white polish, lightly apply it on the tips of your nails, creating a sad smiley face or a straight line, depending on your nail shape. Let the white polish dry, and then apply a second coat of white polish.

Step 7: Wait until your nails are completely dry and then apply a base coat. Wait until they are all dry and… that is it! Congratulations! You have finished your own French manicure, at home!

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