How to Create Interior Design Concepts

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Interior design concepts represent the essence of a proposal for an interior design decoration; it is prepared by the designer or architect in order to focus their ideas into a representative and homogenous image, but also in order to be presented to the clients. This is so they can get an idea of what the interior design will look like, so they can comment on the choices and eventually make some final changes. Moreover, it is done for design auctions as well, where various designers compete and the one with the most appropriate version is chosen.

When you prepare interior design concepts, there are two aspects you must take into consideration and prepare; the first is a visual representation of your ideas, and it usually takes the form of a panel with notes, drawings, pictures, fabrics, materials and colors. The second part is the written statement, the one where the designer tells about how they got the inspiration for the concept, what the ideas that stand behind it are, together with detailed descriptions of the various elements that will be found there. The statement isn’t a document, so it can be said that it has some literary valences; thus, it is up to the designer to be able to use an articulate and expressive language, one which can convey even the desired atmosphere and ambiance for the space.

There are no clear rules to writing statements for interior design concepts, and this usually depends from designer to designer; there are, however, a few elements that you need to include. First of all, the text shouldn’t be very long, but rather to the point. Try to describe it in a manner that best represents your ideas, but avoid adopting a tone that makes it look like you are trying hard to sell your concept; it is not a product that needs advertising, but a creation which needs to be able to speak for itself as well. Talk about how you connected various elements, about why you believe they can have the desired effect and so on.

You should begin with a simple phrase where you explain the intention of the interior design concepts and how you managed to accomplish a certain thing through them. Remember to keep in mind the client’s requests and input as well, even though you might have a better idea. Pay attention to the language you use; while it should be descriptive, avoid being too flowery and make sure your statements are not too ambiguous.

These are basic rules you can take into consideration when you write a statement; as for the creation of the concept itself, this is highly dependent on the designer and their methods, on the space they have to work with, the materials they are familiar with, and many more.

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