How to Create Cool Crafts

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You can improve the aspect of your home by using some practical and cool crafts. That way you will add a modern touch to your place without making it uncomfortable, and without wasting too much space.

Every girl likes accessories and fashion, but some girls act like they collect jewelry. If you find yourself in the situation where you think that the number of bracelets, earrings and necklaces that you have is never enough, than you are one of us! However, the disadvantage of having too much accessories is that you don’t have enough space to arrange them in order to keep them organized.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, because we have the perfect solution for your problem. You can display all your accessories in a jewelry tree that will become the center piece of the room. Besides enhancing the place, this special tree will help you keep your belongings separated, and that way you will be able to choose the item that you like the most, and not the first one that comes in hand.

The best part about choosing to display your products in a jewelry tree is that you can make it match different themes and styles. During winter you can change your usual jewels box for a tiny pine tree which you can decorate using all your strings of beads and earrings. This is one of the cool crafts that will allow you to have your own sparkly and glamorous Christmas tree.

Another way to make a Christmas tree without occupying too much space involves one of the cool craft ideas which is quite unique. All you have to do is find some branches of tree, and cut them in different sizes. Next, you need to put three or four small nails into each limb, and pin the branches on the biggest walls of the room. You must start by fixing the smallest branch on top with the nails facing outside, and continue by displaying the next small branch under the first one.

Repeat this move until you don’t have any more branches left. You will be able to see that your arrangement is shaped like a Christmas tree. So, you can start decorate it by hanging Christmas globes and tinsel using the nails that exist on each branch. We can guarantee you that you will be very pleased with these cool crafts, especially if your place is too small for a classic Christmas tree.

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