How to Create Backgrounds for Computer

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Personalizing your computer background can be very entertaining and it can also help you gain some new skills. The internet is full of interesting backgrounds to choose from. All you have to do is download and install them. However, if you have some spare time and you are interested in making your own personalized background, you might end up having a lot of time. Check out the rest of the article in order to learn how to make collages, sideshows as well as more complicated backgrounds for computer.

Start with the basics-Windows Paint

Paint is one of the most user friendly Windows programs. It has some very useful features and the instructions are clear and concise. This program is particularly useful for collages and other simple backgrounds for computer. You can start by making a collage of pictures of your favorite celebrity or you can combine the best of all your holiday pictures. After you select a picture, right click copy, open Windows Paint and paste it here. You can paste it by clicking Edit and then paste or directly by clicking Ctrl+V in the program. Once you paste the picture you click on one of its corners in order to adjust the size. In order to make the background more dynamic try to have different sizes for all the pictures as well as irregular positions. Another great idea of background is selecting a favorite picture and then writing an inspiring or funny message on it. You can also do this in Paint. Explore this program’s features in order to make creative backgrounds for computer. Once you master it, you can move on to more advanced picture editing tools.

Sophisticated Picture Editing Programs

If you are interesting on developing your design skills then you should definitely give Photoshop a try. This is by far the most popular image editing program as it has numerous tools. In order to master this program you should probably use some video tutorials. If you want to make a basic background in Adobe Photoshop you should first check out your screen resolution. In order to do this you right click your desktop and then click screen resolution. Then you open Photoshop, go to file, new, blank file and then you write your screen’s resolution. When you search for Photoshop video tutorials make sure that you pick one which is made for your version of the program.

Slide show backgrounds for computer

Creating a slide show background is very simple. You right click your desktop and select Backgrounds. Once the new window opens, you will click on the Background tool from the lower left part of the window. Next you can browse through the pictures on your computer and select as many as you want. Use the drop-down list in order to select how you want the pictures to appear. Once you are done with the picture layout, you simply save your changes, close the backgrounds window and the new settings will activate immediately.

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