How to Copy Rihanna’s Style by Trying the Stiletto Nails

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The stiletto nails are one of the biggest trends of the last period. Although some people don’t like the way they look because of their pointy shape, there are others who would do everything to follow the tendencies and to copy the Hollywood celebrities’ style.

If you like Rihanna’s style and her attitude, you must know that she maintains her appearance by turning to different tricks that make her look amazing and confident at the same time. Stiletto nails make her look feminine and edgy at the same time, and these are the ingredients that can make a girl feel good about herself.

If you want to try this type of nails you will need the following products:
• We recommend you to buy two sets of glue-on nails because you might not like the way that one of them looks after you finish the manicure. Therefore, you will need another one to replace it.
• You will need a good nail clipper or scissors because it’s important to use precise cuts.
• The nail file you will use must give you different options such as shaping, buffing and shining, because the natural shape of each nail is different, so you might have to adjust it before applying the glue-nails.
• If you want to create a nice and modern look, you must use three nail polishes.
• In order to make the polish last longer you will need a base and a top coat.

Now that you have all the things you need to change your look into a more modern one, all you have to do is follow the next steps to realize the greatest stiletto nails:
• push back your cuticle and make sure that your nails are polish-free;
• apply a drop of glue on the top of your nail and extend it to cover the entire surface of your nail;
• depending on the nail length you can file the corners to fit; next, you must press it as close as possible to your cuticle;
• use scissors and a nail file to cut the ends to an angle and to smooth out the sides;
• apply a base coat on which you must paint a nude polish;
• paint on a gold polish in a v-shape on the tips, and add a red color over it;
• the final step is to complete your stiletto nails by adding a top coat in order to make them last longer;

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