How to Choose The Perfect Fitness Plan

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Many people want to know what is the perfect fitness plan for them, a bodybuilding routine, Couch To 5K, a gymnastics routine or cardio exercises. Each routine contains different information, has different dietary requirements and present themselves as better than other plans. The truth is that the best workout and diet for you is the one that you will actually do. Even the best fitness plan, diet plan and coaching will mean nothing if you don’t follow through with it.

The triangle of success

When choosing a fitness plan, make sure it lines up with the triangle of success: happy, healthy and look great. The first goal, happy, means that you can wake up with a smile on your face because you enjoy what you are doing. The second goal is to be healthy so that you can do the things you want without being slowed down by your out of shape or sick body. The third goal is to look great and feel great. When you feel great you are confident, comfortable in your own skin and think highly of yourself.

How do I accomplish those goals?

Because there is always more than one way to accomplish a goal, each person must find the most effective one. If you are a marathon runner the look great goal will be different than the goal of a bodybuilder, for example, and you will use a different fitness plan. If you don’t like lifting weights, maybe outdoor gymnastics or jogging will make you happy. If healthy for you means being able to do 10 pull ups, losing 5 pounds or lowering your cholesterol level it is perfectly fine. If you are setting your goals, be specific and write them down. Adding new habits to the calendar and setting alerts or phone alarms are great strategies to help you get used to a new program. However, the most important part of accomplishing a goal is to start and follow your plan for as long as it takes. We all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

How do I chose the right fitness plan?

After you have determined what your primary goals are, it is time to select a proper fitness plan. Your body can only do so many things at once, and trying to accomplish multiple goals with one plan will pull your body in separate directions. If you want to look good, a body building routine would be appropriate. If you want to improve your 5k time or just run faster, try a running training program. If your goal is to build bigger muscle or add mass, you need fast twitch activities and to eat more calories than you burn. On the other hand, those who want to lose weight require a caloric deficit. If you want to increase endurance, don’t expect to build bigger muscles because your body is going to use all excess calories. If you don’t want to be a runner, you can build muscles by running sprints and eating more. Pick one goal and focus on it for the next few months before switching to a different fitness plan. And start today.

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