How to Choose Shoes for Zumba Workout

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Zumba is gaining more and more popularity among people who want to get fit and stay in shape without resorting to gyms and gaining muscle mass. These dancing classes are great for both men and women because the effort implied is not excessively intense. In order to achieve the desired results, a pair of special shoes is required to make sure the dancer’s feet are protected and that the entire workout will be comfortable and safe. If you don’t know which pair is the best, keep reading and find out how to choose yours.


After reading zumba shoes reviews, we concluded that above all, the shoes you pick must be comfortable or your feet will become achy and you will feel tired very soon. This involves a series of features that provide stability and firmness during every movement. Considering that you will be moving a lot, the shoes you will be wearing must support your feet on every side. Comfort is also related to how well the shoe fits your size so make sure the ones you get are not too tight and there is plenty of room for your toes to move. To make sure your toes will sit comfortably, try on the shoes and press onto your sole to stretch your toes.

Shock absorbency

Because Zumba is such an energetic workout, the pressure on your feet will be increased so you must rely on a pair of shoes that provide cushioning and shock absorbency. This means you should opt for a thicker sole that will sustain your feet and capture all the impact of every movement.


Heavy shoes are not good because your feet will get tired and you won’t feel at ease while moving. Therefore, look for shoes that are light and make you feel like you have bare feet.

Heel support

Many Zumba dancers opt for a heel counter, which is the part that sustains the heel, because this will help them feel comfortable and avoid pressure and pain on the heels. The shoes must also include an Achilles notch so that the back of your feet won’t rub while dancing.


This is one of the essential things to look for because it will keep you away from accidents and will prevent feet soreness. Both the sole and the shoe itself must be stable so that even if you perform lateral movements, your ankles will be protected. Wide soles are particularly useful in staying safe while you turn, jump, and dance.

Breathable materials

There will be a lot of sweating during Zumba workouts so your feet must be well ventilated if you want to prevent bad odors and fungus. Make sure the ones you pick are made of soft and light materials that allow your skin to breathe.