How to Choose a Reliable Electric Shaver

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Although men always poke fun at the fact that women spend a lot of time grooming and making themselves prettier, they too have one grooming task impossible to set aside. We’re talking about shaving, folks, that grooming act that most men despise because it makes them waste too much time in front of the mirror. For some men, whose facial hair grows fast and thick, it can even be a drudgery; some decades ago, in the 20th century, the pressure was even greater, because society would generally disregard you if you appeared unshaven, because it was the sign of someone without a job, or without the willingness to adhere to certain precepts of decent society. Things aren’t as dramatic today, but men still struggle with this task; in that sense, their biggest break was the electric shaver.

Since its invention some decades ago, the electric shaver is still a favorite amongst men, because it does a good job fast, can be used without water or shaving foam, is easily transported, and it can also trim beards or mustaches besides close shaving. But how do men know how to buy a good, reliable electric shaver? In the beginning, when Gilette was competing with just one or two other brands, there wasn’t much to decide about; nowadays, there are simply hundreds, perhaps thousands of different models from tens of different brands, each advertising their own technologies, super blades and amazing designs. It can get downright confusing, even if you are an expert at shaving.

In order to make it easier to choose an electric shaver, you must first break down the basics and understand them; once you do, you will be able to eliminate aspects you don’t like and focus on those you do. You can learn more about these devices if you visit an electric shaver reviews website. We recommend as it is very thorough. These will be the criteria by which you choose your product. First of all, there are two types of electric shavers: rotary shavers and foil shavers. The first category refers to the type of electric shaver that has three cutting heads shaped roundly, with rotary blades; this is the more popular type of electric shaver, and was first produced by Phillips. Today however, there are several brands producing it, and we also recommend Remington. An advantage of this type of shaver is that it creates a rotating movement on the face, so the blades can have a go at the hairs from various directions, with a bigger chance of giving you a clean shave.

The foil electric shaver looks in design a bit like the normal, manual razor; these feature an oscillating block cutter, covered in a fine foil with holes that permit the cutter to come just as close as to shave your beard. Both types are efficient in their own way, and brands like Braun, Panasonic, Remington and Phillips are renowned on good merit for their products. Another aspect you should consider when choosing your electric shaver is whether you need to dry shave from time to time, because then you need to focus on a product that allows that; if you like to shave in the shower to save time, there are waterproof products that allow it.

All in all, it depends on your own personal experience with shaving; after a few years of shaving, each man gets a sense of what his skin needs, and how it is better for him to get rid of facial hair or keep it in line. We hope you found this article useful, and wish you luck shopping for an electric shaver!