How to Buy a Good Treadmill

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A lot of people choose to exercise at home because it requires less money, less time, and it can thus become a more private affair, where you don’t have to share your space and equipment with strangers. But because it can be more difficult to stick to a workout schedule and be efficient at home, you have to make sure that you use a good exercise routine, or that you use only the best machines that provide a good workout. In that respect, the treadmill is one of the most efficient machines to use at home because it exerts almost the entire body.

However, purchasing a treadmill is a big step, because most machines are quite expensive, and because they can be quite different in terms of features, size, fold-ability and so on. As such, you should take your time when looking for the best treadmill models and learn more about how a good treadmill works, and what it should do for you. Whenever you find a model that you might like, make sure to try it first, as you may notice things that bother you. Another helpful hint can come from treadmill reviews, which can be found all over the internet, and which will give you a better insight on how to find the best treadmill 2015 unit.

Treadmill Buying Guide

Until then, we have prepared a concise and effective treadmill buying guide that will give you an idea of what to look for before purchasing:

  • Size – Treadmills come in various sizes, usually ranging between 3 and 7 feet; it is important that you try a treadmill before buying it because you may discover its deck is too short for you and prevents you from running normally. A machine that is too big is also unnecessary, so you want to avoid that as well. As for folding treadmills, consider whether you will be folding it at all in your home, and know that when folded, a treadmill is about half in length. If you’re really interested about a folding feature, try doing it with the model you prefer and see whether it is easy to do so.
  • Incline – Some treadmills have an incline feature which allows the deck to be raised for up to 15 inches; this increases the difficulty of the workout so it’s a great option, but it may add to the price.
  • Safety – Another feature that treadmills sometimes have is a safety key that is attached to your clothing while you exercise, and which will automatically stop the treadmill if you fall. This safety feature can be quite important, so decide whether you need or want it. It should always be kept away from the reach of children.
  • Warranty – You should avoid purchasing treadmills that don’t have a warranty; a good warranty however, will cover at least a couple of years for labor and parts, and it is also a good sign the manufacturer trust the product’s quality.

These are the main criteria you need to look for when buying a treadmill; you should also pay attention to special features, such as heart rate monitors, internet access, or dock-availability for iPods and other music-playing gadgets.