Honda Motorcycles History

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In the vehicle industry Honda is one of the most powerful names. When it comes to internal combustion engines it is the largest manufacturer in the world. Soichiro Honda was the founder of the Honda company. The first complete motorcycle was built in 1949 and it was called Model D and later went by the name of Dream. Since then Soichiro’ vision has expanded incorporating concepts such as comfort, quality and affordability. By 1964 Honda motorcycles were the most famous in the world. The company soon started to produce automobiles which were just as successful as Honda was the first company in the world to release a luxury model. Although Soichiro Honda is no longer guiding the company’s ascension, the dream goes on and Honda continues to be one of the most influencing companies in the motor industry.

During the 1960’s Honda motorcycles started to be sold in America. Although there was a certain stereo tip of motorcycle riders in the U.S , the company managed to come up with an original advertising idea. They advertized their products as safe and comfortable vehicles for the everyday man. Their slogan was: You meet the nicest people on a Honda. By changing the market’s opinion of the motorcycle riders they managed to expand their market and become world known motorcycle manufacturers. Their success draw a lot of attention mainly because the U.S motorcycle market was quite strong and it featured models a lot more powerful than the ones sold by Honda. However with a lot of dedication and adaptability skills the Honda team managed to success. Even nowadays various business schools use the Honda story as a case study for introductory strategy.

As it was already proven that when it comes to adaptability Honda has what it takes to succeed, we should also analyze the present situations. Given the highly competitive global market can Honda motorcycles and automobiles keep up with the world? Apparently they can. The Honda Environmental vision is a concept that is being imbedded in all the Honda technologies. The motor manufacturers strive to minimize the use of fossil fuel as well as gas emissions and the greenhouse effect. Thus the company is showing the besides being passionate about motor performances it also has social responsibility.

In terms of performance the Honda motorcycles have always improved in order to satisfy the market’s needs. Due to the fact that the company’s founder was a passionate race driver he insisted on introducing his models in as many races as possible. Their sports bikes, tourers, cruisers, scooters, ATVs and UTVs are perfected in order to be able to compete in the most challenging races. As a result throughout the years the Honda drivers have gathered numerous awards.


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