Ground Aviation Jobs

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When you picture a career in aviation you are usually thinking of the jobs in the air. However those jobs are just the tip of the iceberg in the aviation industry. The ground crew is the foundation on which airlines are build. They ensure the safety and management of airports and airlines. Unlike the small number of flight jobs, there are a lot more opportunities of aviation jobs on the ground. Furthermore these jobs have less requirements and better working programs. In the same time they also provide decent wages and multiple benefits. However, even working on the ground can present some risks, so everyone working in this field should be interested in getting some life insurance quotes, even though their employer offers some form of insurance. In fact, the insurance offered by employers is usually standard, and may not cover all possible situations; thus, if you want to be protected both at work and at home, getting some life insurance quotes and seeing what your options are might be a good idea.


The large number of ground aviation jobs is spread on multiple departments. It consists of air traffic controlling units, approach controllers, area controllers, flight service specialists, communication officers, air traffic officers, baggage handlers and so on. Furthermore some of the best paying aviation jobs involve ground work. The director of aerospace program management is the best paying job in the industry with an average annual salary of $151,000 . Most well paid ground jobs usually require technical skills. Aircraft maintenance officers, airplane inspectors, aircraft mechanics, avionics technicians, aircraft load masters are amongst the best paid ground jobs with wages starting from $40 00 up to $70 000.

A lot of people believe that pilots have the most interesting jobs in the aviation industry. However did you ever consider a job on the other side of the cockpit radio? Air traffic controllers have a very difficult yet interesting job. They are responsible for safely guiding the airplanes on their routes. Such a job implies a great deal of responsibility and requires a lot of skills. Air traffic controllers work with radar displays, sophisticated flight information and advanced communication systems. The people doing these jobs are not only in charge of providing routes and altitude information but also give landing and taking off clearances and provide whether information. Without this connection between the ground and the airplanes, the aviation industry would not be able to run the way it does today. In order to get such a job you need to attend intensive training, be mentally prepared and have a good family supports system.

There are many benefits to ground aviation jobs. The less demanding jobs have little requirements but a lot of expectations. There are a lot of ground jobs that only require a high school diploma. However once you are hired you will undergo an intensive training and you will have a lot of responsibilities. Due to the fact that airlines upgrade their equipment of a regular base the ground staff has to be retrained periodically. One of the major advantages of having such a job is that you also have a lot of career opportunities as airlines almost always promote from within. Furthermore you have a lot of benefits including various types of insurance, retirement and savings plans, free air travel, discounts at holiday accommodations and much more.

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