Great Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas

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Have you just bought a studio apartment or do you want to redecorate your old studio apartment? Here you will find some great studio apartment decorating ideas that you may find useful and easy to put into practice!

Even if this studio apartment is small in size, these great studio apartment decorating ideas offer this sophisticated city style which compensates for its size deficiency. The walls and curtains in a neutral color make the space seem larger, while the silver and black accents add more freshness to the style. To separate the bedroom area from the study are, arrange the furniture so that it offers the impression of separation. Very small places are perfect for ghost furniture (furniture made of transparent materials, such as glass), just like the coffee table in the picture below. Do not put anything in front of the window; allow maximum light to come through the windows, this will also give you access to the view offered by your apartment.

The Philadelphia studio apartment in the picture below uses the same colors for draperies, walls and bedding as the one mentioned before, meaning neutral colors which keep the space balanced and controlled. The owner tried to separate the space by using a variety of accessories, soft draperies, and organic textures, shiny objects made of metal and distinctive lighting schemes. To separate the bedroom from the kitchen and dining area, he included tall draperies in the design of the studio apartment, which are an easy room divider. The furniture should have small sizes in order to create the illusion of larger space. If you usually invite people over, you should invest in small barstools as they do not occupy do much space and they provide enough seating for the guests. The warm accessories create an open feel, but also the intimacy of a small space.

Another one of the great and useful studio apartment decorating ideas is to give the studio apartment a funky and vibrant look by painting it in a fresh color, such as green. The funky wallpaper also adds to the style, while the minimal decor and the white sofa put emphasis on the black and white wallpaper, without making it overwhelming. Draperies of a deep-green color are enough to balance the sofa and add a little drama to the overall look. If you also choose a white and black color scheme, you should complement it vibrant colors such as: lime green or yellow, to avoid monotony.

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