Going On Vacation? Bring Your Metal Detector with You

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You’re going on a vacation trip. However, you haven’t booked just any vacation, but a beach vacation. You are well aware of the fact that a beach vacation is relaxing. This isn’t though the reason why you’ve reserved a spot in the most luxurious resort. The real reason why you planned the holiday to the beach is that you wanted to enjoy the cold breeze of the sea and the fresh air. Good for you!  If you’re going on a beach vacation trip, don’t forget the essentials. What you’ll be needing is flip-flops, sunscreen, and your metal detector. Treasure hunting is a great activity for the holiday, especially if it revolves around the beach. If the destination you’re heading towards is detector-friendly, bring your equipment with you.

Why Metal Detect On Vacation

A vacation is supposed to be something relaxing, so why should you waste your time looking for buried treasures? Because you can make the most of your trip. Metal detecting is no way exhausting and it is an exciting way to spend your vacation. If you’re still on the fence about bringing your metal detector with you, you may want to take a look at the following arguments.

  1. Metal Detecting Can Be Done Everywhere. Metal detecting is one of the few hobbies that can be done everywhere. You can hunt treasure at the beach or in the city. You can even o scuba diving. The point is that every place is open to this pleasurable pastime. If you’re going on vacation, take your gear with you. You can use it anywhere you want.
  2. The Whole Family Can Join In. You’re afraid that your family will feel neglected if you roam around looking for coins and jewelry. The great thing about treasure hunting is that everyone can participate. Metal detecting is a hobby for all ages, so everyone can enjoy this activity. If you’ve got senior travelers with you, the better. This hobby is a great way for them to keep fit and exercise their mind.
  3. It’s Possible to Find Precious Treasures. You’re a treasure seeker; otherwise you wouldn’t have bought a metal detector. The beach is a great location for treasure hunters. You’ll not find gold, but you can come across coins and lost jewelry. The only thing to pay attention to is that you have to visit the beach early. When the tourists arrive, you’ll not be able to search the shoreline.

Have we managed to convince you? If the answer is yes, that’s great.

Metal Detecting Tips for the Beach

If you don’t have a metal detector that you can use in the dry and wet sand, you should better leave it at home. What you need is equipment adequate for the beach. A Bounty Hunter is great for detecting one the beach. There are many dedicated beach metal detectors. For Bounty Hunter metal detector reviews, visit bounty-hunter-metal-detector.com. The ones discussed there are the best in their field.  You will need more than good equipment for a successful treasure hunt. What you need is the following tips:

  • Identify The Locations Of Metal Detecting Hot Spots. You arrive at the beach. Now what? Well, you’ll have to find a good place to start. It’s advisable to start with points that are frequented by many beach goers, like volleyball courts, entry and exit locations, open spaces, and towel lines. You need to concentrate your efforts on certain spots. Certain beach locations are better than others.
  • Get A Finds Pouch. Let’s say that you’ll be lucky. You’ll find not only coins, but also rings and silver items. What do you do you do with those findings? The answer is simple: you store them in your finds pouch. If you don’t have a finds pouch, get one right now.
  • Get The Timing Right. You’re not going to be the only one treasure hunting on the beach. So, you need to get your timing right. As mentioned earlier, you can look for buried treasure before the beach guests make their appearance. If you’re not an early person, go down to the beach before sundown. Chances are that you’ll not find that many people.

Bring your metal detector on your summer vacation. You won’t regret it. Don’t sit around the beach on your vacation. A handful of treasures await you. Prized possessions are sitting there, just waiting to be discovered. You don’t want others to take possession of what’s rightfully yours, do you?