Fun Christmas Games For Families

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Christmas is the most anticipated holiday of the year and the perfect occasion for the family to get together. There are plenty of activities to do this time of year, such as singing carols, decorating the Christmas tree and cooking a beautiful meal. However, after lunch, most families clump into comfortable chairs and watch a movie. Because this is not much fun for the young family members, this year you can try a round of old-fashioned Christmas games. These four fun games can be played by large or small families, young or old, couch potatoes and by those more active:

1. Christmas Charades

This is one of the most popular and entertaining Christmas games. Gather the family into a room and pick a theme such as Christmas songs or Christmas movies. Get each person to write one down on a piece of paper and put them into a hat. If there are ten or more people who want to play, split them into two teams and mime to your own teammates so they can guess. If there are less than eight players, fish a word from the hat and mime to the whole group. The first person to guess is the next one to mime. To spice things up, establish a time limit of two-three minutes. If someone makes any sounds while they mime, they are out.

2. Jingle Bell Dings

If you like amusing Christmas games, Jingle Bell Dings is a great way for the family to share some big laughs together. It is also ideal for large groups because they will be divided by family and one member of each group will be the representative. The representatives must leave the room for a few minutes, while each family comes up with a bell sound, like dinga, ding, dinga or jingle, jingle. After they rehearse, the reps enter the room and are blindfolded. One by one, each family makes their group sound and the reps must guess which ring belongs to their family. You can even race around the room to make it more interesting and fun.

3. Christmas Trivia

Challenge your family with this fun game and find out just how much they know about Christmas. Pull out some Christmas tree trivia, Christmas traditions trivia from different parts of the world and trivia about Santa. You can even mix the questions up and have a game prize and a dedicated time.

4. Present Scramble

Although you will have to do some preparation for the present scramble, it is one of the most interesting Christmas games for families. Wrap a small gift in a small box and then wrap that box in a larger box and so on. After the gift is wrapped, choose a number and have everybody roll the dice. The first person to roll the number you have chosen can begin unwrapping. However, they must wear over mitts while they do it! While the person tries to unwrap the present, the other players continue rolling and the next person to roll the number takes the mitts and continues to unwrap. The first person to reach the present gets to keep it.

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