Fun Barbie Games

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If you are a parent of a young girl then you are probably very familiar with Barbie, her dream house, her friends and her many jobs. If you are looking for some fun Barbie games to keep your little girl busy for a while we have plenty of suggestions for you. The internet is full of various games featuring the perfect blonde doll and we even have some suggestion for games that you can create yourself.

  • Browser games

On the official Barbie website you will find a wide variety of fun games to play that will make any little girl happy. The most popular games are of course the ones where you can dress up the doll. The children will have the possibility to pick between a wide variety of clothes, shoes and purses in order to create the perfect outfit. Furthermore there are even games where you can do Barbie’s hair and make up. You can also decorate the dream house, play dancing games, cooking games and you can even attend the Charm School of Princesses.

  • From the computer to real life

If you don’t like the idea of your little girl spending hours on the computer you can browse the Barbie website in order to find inspiration for real life games. For example you can decorate a corner of the house as a magical classroom where your girl can attend the Princess School of Charm. You can use glitter dust and pretend that it is fairy dust, make cardboard tiaras and wands and so on. You can also search the internet for various Barbie pictures which you can then print and turn into coloring pages or puzzles. You can also challenge your daughter to take on various jobs. For example you can give her a pink disposable camera and have her try out the life of a wildlife photographer. She has to take pretty pictures of flowers or animals which you can then turn into a collage to hang in her room. These are but a few suggestion for fun Barbie games that can be played far away from the computer.

  • Barbie Party

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion for your little girl to invite her friends over for a tea party. However you can turn a boring tea party into a fancy event by making it a Barbie tea party. In order for the party to be entertaining you can play some Barbie games. You can have the girls practice dance routines, perform their favorite songs or create personalized jewelry. You can cut cardboard tiara shapes and have the girls use glitter, beads and crayons in order to decorate their own princess tiaras. As you can see, there are a lot of fun games to play derived from the Barbie image, from this doll that has inspired little girls for generations and generations now, and still seems to be one of the most desired representations of femininity in a doll.

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