Fun Activities for Parents and Children

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No matter the type of activity, playing with your children has an intrinsic joy. The only issue is that you will immediately want to quit after making too much patty-cake. What you should do is to switch to a different kind of play, rather than giving up on the play session. Since your child is not old enough to engage in a game of cards, you can try ribbon crafts. It is astonishing what can be accomplished with just a few stripes of ribbon. Are you ready to get started?

Why are crafts so important?

Although crafts are popular among children because they get the chance to show their creativity and have fun, crafts are actually beneficial for the development of the child. Cutting material will help the kid develop bilateral coordination since they are required to use both of their hands. As they grow, this skills will be very useful for performing actions such as writing and typing. Cutting patterns is not just good for fun, but also good for improving fine motor coordination. Finally, crafts require waiting which in turn is a good way to promote flexibility.

Why specifically ribbons?

First of all, only ribbons transform something plain into something fabulous. They are so versatile that they can be used to make unique items and they can be used for numerous craft components, not to mention everyday items. The reason why they can be used for various applications is that they have different widths and materials. While satin sashes tend to be glossier, grosgrain ones have a distinctive appearance. It is also worth mentioning that sashes are available in a rainbow of colours.

Get your tools  

Besides ribbons, you will need a good pair of scissors to cut the material. Just make sure that the scissors are sharp enough. You will also have to get some glue to bond the fabric to other surfaces. Fabric glue is perfect for temporarily positioning the ribbons onto something until stitching. To avoid the mess caused by glue it is advisable to use adhesive tapes. The advantage is that you can reposition them. To measure the material, you only need a ruler. You will immediately notice that the different textures and designs of the sashes will captivate the attention of your little one.

Craft ideas

A good idea would be to teach your child how to make a Chinese gift carton. It is necessary to draw a birthday symbol on the sides of the carton. You will help your kid cut out the shape and you can use the ribbon to make a handle for the carton. On the other hand, you can try making a wreath. With some decorative pieces, you two can create a spectacular wreath. All you need to do is get a circular cardboard and let your kid set up the materials however he feels inspired. Once the wreath is finished, hang it on the door.