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If you are looking for some beginner’s, as well as professional gardening tips and instructions, then Fine Gardening is probably one of the best choices. It is a magazine that is solely dedicated to helping its readers improve their gardening skills and beautify their green spaces. In today’s article we have gathered a few of the most interesting topics that this magazine has approached. They are quite extensive, ranging from the use of DIY conservatory kits to special gardening techniques, so you can use them to make your home and garden a special and relaxing place to be.

Water features
Beautiful gardens come in all shapes and colors but if there is one thing that is sure to highlight the beauty of any green space than that thing is definitely the water feature. For people with large gardens, ponds or small rivers are usually the best choice. However, if you have a small garden than you probably need something that takes less space. You could install a vertical water feature but that is slightly more complicated. Instead Fine Gardening has thought us that you can build a beautiful pot fountain in just a few hours. The first thing you need is a tall decorative pot, a water container, a water pump and a few more plumbing equipments. The procedure is a little complicated for people who don’t know their way around plumbing equipment but if you follow the tutorials offered by this gardening magazine you will encounter no problems whatsoever.

Season Gardening
Another reason we love Fine Gardening is due to the fact that it adapts the gardening tutorials according to each season. As autumn is already upon us, you might be interested in some easy fall gardening tips. For example, the magazine teaches you how to use DIY conservatory kits to get a beautiful conservatory to spend all autumn in. You should start to adapting your beautiful summer plant pots to the fall season. You do this by removing the plants that are only alive during the summer. You also need to trim the dried leaves and to remove the dead ends before planting fall friendly plants. You should also replenish some of the fertilizer. One of the best ways to add a bit of color to your fall garden is to plant asters which will also bloom in the beginning of the winter.

Know your plants
In order to have a beautiful garden it is essential to have some botanic knowledge. However you needn’t worry if you only know the name of roses and daisies as this gardening magazine has a lot of information on the most beautiful garden plants and flowers. The profile of each plant comes with planting advice and instructions.

Whether you are trying to build your first garden, or you are a gardening enthusiast, Fine gardening is an excellent resource in order to crease a beautiful green or colorful relaxation oasis.

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