Fashion Trends 2011 – What Were They?

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When it comes to fashion, each year is defined by a few main trends that are present in the majority of designer collections. Most often, these trends are reinventions of older styles. However being able to play with the current fashion trends is one of the great joys of women from around the world. Today we are going to discuss about the 2011 fashion trends. This year was marked by the extraordinary popularity of printed T-shirts. The development of screen printing and the urban fashion style has determined the popularity of printed clothing to skyrocket. What is more, printed T-shirts are easy to make and you can print anything you want.

In terms of colors, 2011 was characterized by bright and eccentric hues. You can forget all about the old color rules. Did you always believe that hot pink should not be combined with red? Well, tell that to Emma Stone who rocked a pink skirt, red blouse outfit at a New York movie premier. Furthermore, her orange locks added a natural touch to the outfit which was completed by a pair of nude heels. Other colors that dominate 2011 are orange, blue, green, yellow, red, emerald and navy. And since women reacted so well to the multitude of colors we have been given a rather innovative yet incredibly stylish piece of clothing: the colored denim. Our most comfortable pants now come in a wide variety of colors which can be adapted to any type of outfit. We are sure that the colored denim will appeal to all women.

For a striking appearance, you can match a 2011 colorful look with the dual tone hair color ideas 2013 brings. The most popular trend is the ombre hair, the gradual lightening of the hair strand that fades from a darker color near the roots to a lighter one at the ends. Other hair color ideas 2013 reveals are the balayage, natural, sun kissed, swept highlights and the dip-dyed natural hair with ends dipped in color.

Given the wide variety of colors that define this year we can’t help but think about summer fruits. Well, apparently the same thought crossed the mind of fashion designers since one of the main fashion trends 2011 is the fruity print. This is by far one of the most beloved trends. It has made numerous comebacks and each time we fall deeper and deeper in love with it. After all, what woman doesn’t love wearing thin layer dresses with yummy fruit designs? It is not uncommon for the fruity trend to go hand in hand with the Latino style, so feel free to rock a fruity Lolita outfit. And if you ever get tired of all the colors, the designers also approve of nude pastels so you can also go for a delicate lady outfit.

When we talk about the 2011 fashion trends we talk about a mixture of colors, cultures and styles. All this vibrancy of choice also makes way for daring accessorizing choices; for example, a purely red outfit will work wonderfully with a pair of silver shoes for an evening elegant event, and metallic colors in general can be used as accents for strongly colored outfits. The designer collections proudly feature Native American prints, colored lace dresses, as well as pant suits and women’s’ tuxedos. It seems that this year there are very little fashion boundaries and women are free to express themselves however they want. They are free to be as feminine as they want, with lacy and ruffled dresses, but they can also express their inner power by rocking a stylish tux.

Other less dominant 2011 fashion trends include the cowgirl style, animal prints, punch lines, rippled dresses, gridlocks and reptile scales. Although these trends are less influential this year, they can be used as random touches in order to liven up an outfit. It seems like 2011 is a celebration of the most important fashion trends of all time.

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