Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

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Although many girls dream about having a tall figure and being extra-slim as the models presented on international runways, being too skinny makes some girls shy and unsure of themselves. The truth is women are never satisfied with their figure and either find themselves too short, too tall, to fat or too skinny. You cannot change genetically inherited features, but you can become more self-confident by wearing the appropriate clothes. Choosing inadequate clothing will emphasize the less perfects traits instead of accentuating your natural beauty. These fashion tips for skinny girls will help you choose the items that highlight you advantageous features:

Baby-doll clothes
Baby-doll dresses and blouses add more soft lines and curves to a skinny silhouette and make you appear fuller and even shorter. Printed fabrics and lively colors also draw attention from the body. However, this fashion fashion advice works only if you do not exaggerate with striking designs and prominent patterns.

Wide trousers and boot cut jeans with a low cut waist are the ideal way to create curves. Avoiding skinny jeans and extra-fitted jeans are the must important fashion tips for skinny girls. Straight cut denim and trousers with a tight bottom flare will better match your body type. Tight flared jeans will flatter your figure more than skinnies which make you look even thinner. You can experiment with designs, colors and textures to find the pieces that suit you best.

No vertical stripes
For women who wish to look slimmer, the best fashion advice is to wear vertical stripes. However, if you like striped clothes, horizontal lines can add contours to your body. This pattern is one of the trickiest, but if you wear it correctly you will create the illusion of fullness. Instead, visit some fashion blogs for women and see what other patterns you could wear without appearing too skinny, or on the contrary, highlighting your best features.

Layered clothing
Wearing layered clothing and chunky clothes are great fashion tips for those girls with a slim body. Layered clothes add fulness to the body and emphasize your curves. Try wearing a denim vest, trendy shrug or a jacket over a t-shirt. Chunky sweaters are comfortable, keep you warm and add more shape yo your look.

High cowl-neck tops and scarfs
A high cowl-neck blouse or sweater can hide a long neck and make you look shorter. You can achieve the same illusion with a trendy scarf. Besides flattering your body type, scarves are a must-have accessory that adds a personal touch to your style. You can learn more about wearing them by consulting fashion blogs for women that pay a lot of importance on accessories and matching them to your outfits.

Wearing lower heals and dark colored boots are useful fashion tips for skinny girls who want to disguise their legs. However, you must avoid high heals and heavy shoes that make your legs look even thinner. Shoes which are light weight and colored will draw attention from bonny knees and add weight to your legs. As a plus, they are more comfortable and stylish.

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