Famous Princess Crowns

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The latest British Royal wedding has caught the attention of the whole world. Given these circumstances, we can’t help but wonder what is the reason for the world’s royal obsession. Well, the answer is quite simple. These events make us dream of the fairy tales that we heard when we were little. Women are particularly infatuated with the royal jewels. Despite the fact that the crown jewels have an immeasurable value, these objects are rarely displayed in public. However, the princesses’ tiaras are definitely breathtaking. Today we are going to discuss about some of the most famous royal tiaras.

The Spencer tiara was perhaps the most popular princess crown worn by Diana. Despite the fact that the tiara actually belonged to her family, she wore it so often that most people assumed that is was a royal piece. Perhaps the reason why the late princess was wearing it so often was in order to prove that she was proud of who she was underneath the royal image. The crown is a combination of flowery pieces that have different ages. It has been worn by both her sisters during their wedding ceremonies as well as by her brother’s wife. Although it didn’t actually belong to Diana, she had a borrowing arrangement with her family which allowed her to wear it.

The Cambridge Lover’s Knot is a more famous princess crown as it has a richer history. The tiara was created by modifying an older model which belonged to the Queen’s grandmother. It features 19 diamond arches which have pearls swinging from them. The arches are capped with lover’s knots. Despite the fact that the Queen borrowed this tiara to Diana, the princess found it heavy and uncomfortable and although she wore it a couple of times she preferred the Spencer Tiara. Queen Elisabeth II wore the tiara for quite a long time but as time went by, her tiara collection grew and this particular one was abandoned. However, the Queen did loan it to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall a couple of times. Whether or not it will be passed on to Kate is still up for debate.

When us simple women think about the simple handmade jewelry that we wear, and that was so cheap you don’t even want to mention the price, it seems a bit pretentious that Princess Diana made such a fuss about the crowns she wore. But perhaps it was all just a matter of taste, something we are all slaves of; so if you had the possibility to choose, wouldn’t you go for the piece that you like best or that represents you? So whether it’s about simple handmade jewelry or heirloom diamond tiaras, women have to care about taste and style, and adopt whatever suits them best.

The British royal family has displayed numerous splendid tiaras throughout history. However, the most famous princess crown is by far the The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara. This tiara was a gift that Queen Elisabeth received from her grandmother back when she was still a Princess. Despite the fact that she has acquired numerous tiaras since then, this one has remained her favorite one. Initially it was a two piece tiara and bandeau with 9 pearl finials. It suffered a lot of transformations over the years. The bandeau was removed, lost, found and reattached and the pearls were replaced with diamonds. It is a spectacular piece of jewelry that works great as a princess crown but it is also imposing enough to be fit for a queen.

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